– Will taking time to plan an SAT exam preparation for beginners help students effectively achieve the desired score better than blind study? Let’s answer this question together.

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Is the SAT necessary?

Administered by the College Board, SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) – a multiple-choice examination – is an entrance assessment test mainly used by most colleges and universities in the USA and Canada as a way to select the most capable candidates.

If your dream is to study in America then researching and embarking on establishing an SAT exam preparation for beginners plan should be your first priority. After having a basic grasp on the information of the SAT, your next step should be identifying your learning direction according to the study plan you made prior. shall present some suggestions for students who just started learning SAT.

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SAT exam preparation for beginners

  • “To know oneself is true progress”: The prerequisite for you to be able to shape a suitable study plan is to understand your strength and weaknesses. In order to achieve an adequate result, allocating appropriate preparation time on improving your weakness is indispensable.

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  • Set up a schedule for practicing: Depending on individual ability, SAT learning time, and the method of acquiring knowledge may vary. Your desired score will be proportional to the amount of effort you put into the exam preparation. According to many surveys, the most optimal time for exam preparation should be about 10 hours a week; if there is less time than that, attaining a good SAT score will be significantly harder.
  • Choosing suitable learning materials: Focusing on getting necessary materials rather than randomly picking every material you see. Materials such as The Official SAT Study Guide, compiled by the College Board, is famous for providing detailed knowledge about the SAT and structure-based exercises for students to practice. Other than that, depending on each part of the SAT, you can choose suitable learning materials such as an SAT prep course by NOVA’S, 8 practice tests for the New SAT, and SAT Math prep by KAPLAN,…

An inevitable difficulty SAT beginners may face is having trouble communicating in English for not anyone has a solid English foundation. Hence, regularly practice your English communication skill as well as finding an effective SAT exam preparation for beginners to achieve your SAT goal.

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