– Despite the similarity of common names, SAT I and SAT II are actually completely different exams. How do students decide whether they should choose SAT I or SAT II?

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SAT is a standard test used by universities in the US and Canada as part of the admissions process to see how candidates prepare for college study by measuring critical skills as reading comprehension, essay writing, analysis and calculation. If SAT I focuses on Reading, Writing, Verbal and Math, SAT II is used to assess professional knowledge in a specific subject. Should students choose SAT I or SAT II to apply for universities?

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SAT I: Most universities in the US require this certificate in their admissions documents. The higher SAT I score, the more opportunities you have to attend the universities you desire. The test focuses on reasoning skills and understanding the knowledge gained in high school to prepare for university study through three main parts: Math, Reading and Verbal. In addition, an optional Writing, although this section is not scored, but it is a great opportunity to demonstrate writing and problem-solving skills. The total exam time is 3 hours 50 minutes with a total score of 400 to 1600.

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SAT II: Unlike SAT I, SAT II assesses competency in a specific subject, helps students shine in their field of excellence, thereby sending a strong message to the universities that you have get ready to study specific majors or programs. Along with other information on the admissions profile, SAT II provides a more complete picture about your academic background and strengths. Moreover, under the same admission conditions, SAT II helps you stand out from other candidates. The test takes 3 hours and 20 minutes with a total score of 200 to 800.

Thus, depending on the requirements of each school, students will choose SAT I or SAT II. Assuming that students intend to major in History, taking SAT II in American History or World History is a great option.

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