– Are you preparing for GRE exam and worried about the difficulty of this international certificate? It is true that the GRE exam preparation process is very arduous, but why is GRE certificate difficult?

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Compare GRE difficulty with other programs

To see why is GRE certificate difficult, we first need to see how the GRE program differs from other international education standard programs.

Compared to programs like SAT and ACT, GRE certificate will be much more difficult because the test includes challenging vocabulary on many specialized fields and more complex structural problems, which requires students to have high analytical and reasoning skills.

Compared to GMAT – a test that focuses on students’ thinking in a specific area of ​​Economics and Business, GRE is easier because GRE is more lexical than analytical although both the GMAT and the GRE are standardized tests used to enter graduate programs around the world.

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Why is GRE certificate difficult?

First of all, students need to know the factors that make GRE exam preparation difficult because they are essential in helping you overcome and anticipate the future.

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  1. Vocabulary depth: One of the factors that make the GRE test difficult is the amount of vocabulary that is specialized in many areas. Almost half of the Verbal test consists of complex and obscure words, making it more time-consuming for students to practice vocabulary. Fortunately, the GRE test often repeats the vocabulary sections from last year’s exams so students have a way to practice without having to randomly learn from a variety of sources.
  2. Requirements for solid math knowledge: Quantitative section is considered by many to be too difficult, but in fact, the GRE’s types of Math only require the test taker to master common formulas, including basic geometry, algebra, tables, and graphs, as well as basic statistics. Many people find it difficult because they have not used Math for a long time due to their major or they are not primarily interested in Math, which leads to high mental pressure and low results.
  3. Confusing test: Whether you are an expert in Math or Foreign Language, it is very difficult to get a high score on the GRE test. ETS test panel increases the difficulty of the GRE test by trapping words in questions. This way of doing this problem confuses many students because although they can find the answer to the question, they cannot be confident in their answer due to the vague vocabulary in the problem.
  4. Time pressure: Time is a factor that puts the most pressure on test takers on the GRE test because many people say that the GRE test time is too short. Based on the distribution of the test, test takers have 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer each Verbal sentence and 1 minute 45 seconds for each Quantitative sentence. The pressure increases when you spend so much time on one sentence, making the remaining sentences shorter and shorter.

The above factors are the answer to the question “Why is GRE certificate difficult?”. They will partly help you understand more about GRE and not make you discouraged when starting the revision process.

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