– How to improve one’s GRE score? How to avoid common traps inside a typical GRE test? These following strategies for GRE Exam preparation and highscore taker will assist you in your path to success.

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Why do students’ needs for GRE exam preparation strategies come from?

GRE certification is known to be more difficult than college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. This is in fact true, because GRE students have all gone through university programs, so they must have a solid knowledge base. The difficulty of the GRE test will depend on how well you take it for GRE is a multi-section test, designed to fit the academic level of the test taker. This means the computer will select the second section of the test based on your results in the first section.

Other than that, there are also a number of reasons making GRE test is so difficult that students demand exam strategies, such as:

  • Advanced vocabulary: A high amount of complex vocabulary is used not only in the grammatical section but also throughout the test. In addition, many questions require students to enter words or phrases in the blank to test sentence formation and grammar thinking.
  • Challenging math problems: The Quantitative section does not require students to know a great deal of mathematical knowledge, as this is the quantitative test so you need to know quick calculation skills to be able to make it in time.
  • Time pressure: The GRE test can be stingy on time for each question. You only have 30 minutes to write your essay and an average of 1 minute 30 seconds for each Verbal question, 1 minute 45 seconds for each Math question. 

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Strategies for GRE Exam preparation and highscore taker 

Strategies for GRE Exam preparation and high score taker are divided into 2 sections: Strategies for Exam preparation and Exam strategies. 

Strategies for Exam preparation:

  • Practice with exercises and past papers: No matter what international examinations you are taking, practicing with past papers is still the best method. For GRE, because ETS is a test editor, selecting materials and exercises from their website will help you stay close to the exam structure and corresponding exercises.
  • Determine the desired score level: Everything will be clearer when you set your desired GRE score. With a goal in mind, you can determine the time and process needed for attaining that goal, as well as the study plan corresponding to that score.
  • Don’t overvalue GRE certificate: No matter how great of a benefit  GRE certification can bring, in fact, GRE scores are only part of your admissions profile. In addition to GRE, many universities also have other requirements that if you do not meet them then your effort will be wasted.

Exam strategies on Verbal section:

  • Practice reading specialized texts: One of the most important things you can do to prepare for the Verbal section is to read complex texts on a variety of topics and themes. Because the vocabulary that appears on the GRE test is vastly diverse, covering many areas and fields, so reading specialized texts will greatly increase your vocabulary.
  • Familiarize yourself with multi-answer questions: In the Verbal section, multiple-correct answer questions may be found, causing confusion amongst test takers. The solution of which is to read the problem requirements and analyze the questions carefully and cautiously.

Exam strategies on Quantitative section:

  • Review the past Math exercises: Many students make the mistake of only thinking about practicing new quicker tips and tricks to solve a math problem without paying any mind to the Math exercises they have practiced.
  • Applying the exclusion method: It’s always easier to get rid of wrong answers than to find the right answer. So, when you are not sure about whether your answer is correct or not, concentrate on removing the wrong answers first and then solve the remaining options.

With these strategies for GRE Exam preparation and highscore taker above, we hope you can utilize them in your GRE exam preparation process. 

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