– If you want to attain the title Master of Social Science or Natural Science, GRE certificate is required by many universities in developed countries. But how long should you be preparing for the GRE test?

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Factors affecting the GRE exam preparation

In fact, the amount of time spent on GRE exam preparation will be proportional to each goal you set, ranging from 3 to 6 months. This amount of time will increase or decrease will depend on the target score, methods of studying, and how familiar you are to the exam format.

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  • Target score: First you need to visualize your goal, do you need a mediocre score good enough for most university, or do you want to impress the Admission Board in those prestigious universities by having the best score possible? This depends on your goal. The higher the score, the more opportunities you will get. Moreover, some universities will even award scholarships to students with high GRE scores. 
  • Method of studying: To each their own way of studying, so are their strengths and weaknesses. In order to determine which study method is most suitable, you need to spend a certain amount of time utilizing that particular method. If you feel that it is not suitable, you should refer to your friends or experienced people.
  • Getting used to exam format: After thoroughly prepare for every topic in the exam, you should begin to practice “past paper” to familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam, as well as calculate your speed in each section. 

Now you have known all the main factors determine how long should you be preparing for the GRE test. Following that is how you should divide your time to best suit yourself.

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Learn when to start so that you will know how long should you be preparing for the GRE test 

  • 6-month period before the exam: This is the period when you should have a grasp of all the knowledge you have learned. You should start improving your weakness by doing GRE past papers. In addition to that, practicing your writing skill is a must because Writing has always been a long and frustrating process as you need to learn how to write coherently, use creative structures and 
  • 3-month period before the exam: As the sprint phase begins, there won’t be enough for you to learn vocabulary or familiarize yourself with the exam anymore, as you need to practice, practice and practice. The importance of doing past papers weigh heavily for every paper you complete, the higher the chance you will see those same questions in the actual examination. And that’s how long should you be preparing for the GRE test. 

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