– Whether you have taken the GRE test and achieved a lower score than expected or are feeling discouraged by taking the mock test and getting unexpected results, try to refer to 5 simple tips to improve your GRE score.

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What information do you need to know to prepare for GRE test?

  • Exam structure:

GRE assesses candidates through 4 exams: Quantitative, Verbal, Unidentified, Analytical Writing. All of the above sections are aimed at assessing whether a candidate’s ability, thinking, and knowledge can pursue a master’s program entirely in English.

  • How to calculate GRE score:

The official GRE score based on 2 parts Quantitative and Verbal only range from 130 to 170 points per section, meaning the total GRE score will be from 260 to 340 points. Particularly, the Analytical Writing section will receive a separate score from 0 – 6 points. Finally, the Unidentified section will appear randomly with both the other exams and no scores.

  • Score target:

You need to find out the entry requirement of the master’s program that you want to apply for the GRE, then set a possible score goal that you can achieve, then plan a detailed exam preparation to achieve. Now that you have the basics of the exam covered, along with 5 simple tips to improve your GRE score, you will probably need it.

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5 simple tips to improve your GRE score

  • Don’t learn from too much material

Sounds ridiculous, right? But not all GRE textbooks are standard and follow the exam closely, learning too much material only confuses you. You should consult which GRE materials are suggested from reputable information sites. Then, sift out the most suggested titles that match your current level and keep reviewing until proficient.

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  • Learn GRE vocabulary in context

Many of you when starting to practice for the GRE often focus on learning vocabulary because this is the most difficult part of the GRE test, but how to study properly and effectively. You can make the mistake of memorizing listed vocabulary without really understanding the definition and usage of these words in different contexts. Look up the English – English dictionary how to use that word in the sentence you just read, this way is like learning new words in context.

  • Be sure from Math basics

Before starting to practice the difficult and less common parts of the test, you should build a solid base of knowledge by understanding and memorizing formulas of high school levels, because, in the GRE test, Quantitative is the easier part to get points than Verbal.

  • Take the GRE practice test seriously

During the learning process, first practice taking the GRE test part in advance and timing it exactly like the real test. After you are very familiar with the way out of each section, then proceed to take the complete mock test and calculate the time to do the test like the real exam. You should continue to solve the problem until you reach the completion date sooner than the new time allowed to eliminate factors such as psychological pressure in the examination room later.

  • Focus on weaknesses during practice

As you study, take note of the mistakes you often make and plan to spend more time on those parts, practice until you remember them and don’t make them anymore. This will prevent you from losing a significant score when taking the GRE test.

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