– Studying for a certificate with too many materials is never a good way, so is GMAT. You need to choose suitable and effective exam preparation materials for not taking much time. Here are the top 5 popular GMAT exam preparation materials that are popular with many candidates.

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How to choose GMAT exam preparation materials?

Do not rush to buy materials right away without really understanding your current level and the appropriate approach to knowledge. Before listing the top 5 popular GMAT exam preparation materials, you need to understand what a good GMAT test book is suitable for you.

  • In accordance with your practice plan: When choosing any GMAT preparation materials, you need to look at the table of contents to see if it is the right book for you or not.
  • Quality: Make sure the material you buy is high quality and reputable. It’s best when buying from major publishers around the world and highly recommended by the predecessors.
  • Various approaches to knowledge: Don’t just choose the book by its cover! You can search for books at bookstores, study through online websites, use flashcards, study in groups with friends, find exam preparation centers… as long as you feel the approach is appropriate and effective.

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Top 5 popular GMAT exam preparation materials

  • Materials for Quantitive

The content of the test will cover the basic Math knowledge, mostly level 2. This part is not too difficult but it is also easy to make you subjective and entangled in the problem. If you still remember the basics and have little time for exam preparation, “Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook” is a good choice. This book contains 4 general sections with 5 headings, but there is no Probability and Combination section. The questions will be divided from easy to difficult, helping you to easily control the amount of knowledge from basic to advanced.

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  • Materials for Verbal

“Foundation of GMAT Verbal Strategy Guide” will be a great choice for those who need to familiarize themselves with the exam structure in a simple and easy to understand way. This is a book with direct explanations to the problem which gives users an overview of the Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Critical sections. In addition, the book also includes 19 review questions to help users get acquainted with the amount of time each part corresponds to the real exam.

  • Materials for Analytical Writing

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section focuses a lot on arguments, if compared to the Writing section of IELTS, you will see the difference because in the AWA, the expression of inference and reasoning to satisfy the problem is the minimum you need to achieve. “The GMAT Analytical Writing” (Test Prep Series Book) is a book you should check out. Each section requires you to give your opinion and reasoning on the issue, and then there will be an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses if you do so.

  • Materials for Integrated Reasoning

This is a mix of Quantitative and Verbal so it doesn’t take a lot of studying time. You can just refer to a few books like “GMATPIll IR E-Book” or “GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Questions” to know the format and practice to get used to it.

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