– “How long should you be preparing for the GMAT test?” is the most asked question by many GMAT students. It is essential that you know the GMAT exam preparation process so as to achieve a good result in the exam.  

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Identify the key factors

Before answering the questionHow long should you be preparing for the GMAT test?” you need to know the following factors: The amount of knowledge needed, how to allocate time, study materials, and the environment. These factors, when combined together to a certain extent, will create resonance and bring the desired effect.

  • Knowledge: In any kind of examination, having a thorough knowledge of the exam is the most important factor. It is necessary to understand the requirements and structure of the GMAT sections so that you can determine the appropriate amount of knowledge needed to be revised.
  • Time allocation: Always spend more time reviewing your weaknesses, not your strengths. Some students misconstrue this by concentrating on their best subjects instead as they feel that their best subject will carry their worst one. Particularly in GMAT, to achieve max score in each section is the epitome of hardship, but to gain a specific score in each section does not take much effort as you only need to utilize a portion of the knowledge you have learned and basic analytic skill. 

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  • Study materials: As one of the key factors in GMAT exam preparation, study material can be tricky for students to find a suitable one. Picking the right book can improve your learning process tremendously, which is why students shouldn’t randomly pick books you found online for study materials as it can directly affect your GMAT score.
  • Study environment: When focusing on studying for any exam, the atmosphere must be very quiet and tidy. What would happen if you study in a messy and rowdy space? Your concentration and determination will vanish as you struggle to chase away these inconveniences. 

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So How long should you be preparing for the GMAT test?

Depending on your target goal, the exam preparation time will vary. According to statistics from GMAT, 62% of the contestants begin their studying 4 weeks before the examination. The higher the target goal, the more time you need to spend. Taken from the statistics, candidates who want to get a score of 600 points or more will spend over 60 hours on revision.

Therefore, for those who dream to study MBA at your desired universities, it’s time to start planning your study now by utilizing recommendations that has suggested above. 

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