– ACT is considered as an important and accurate measure for students who want to win a place at the university in the US. But what are the sections in the ACT test prep?

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ACT (American College Testing) is not only the standardized test but also used to assess the ability to analyze and synthesize for students who want to succeed in college and even the higher levels. What are the sections in the ACT test prep?

The ACT test is completely computer-based, including four compulsory sections: Verbal, Math, Reading, and Science, as well as the Writing-elective section.

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Section Number of questions

215 questions

Type of questions Time

2 hours 55 minutes

3 hours 25 minutes

(including Writing)

Verbal 75 sentences 40 sentences about analysis

35 sentences about rhetoric

45 minutes
Math 60 sentences 14 sentences about Pre-Algebra

10 sentences about Elementary Algebra

9 sentences about Intermediate Algebra

9 sentences about Coordinate Geometry

14 sentences about Plane Geometry

4 sentences about Trigonometry

60 minutes
Reading 40 sentences 10 sentences about Social Studies

10 sentences about Natural Sciences

10 sentences about Literary Narrative hoặc Prose Fiction

10 sentences about Humanities

35 minutes
Science 40 sentences 15 sentences about Date Representation

18 sentences about Research Summary

7 sentences about Conflicting Viewpoint

35 minutes
Writing 1 essay


Use opinions and arguments to answer a problem 40 minutes

Although Writing is not required in the ACT exam, in fact, there are many schools that will require this essay so please thoroughly understand each school’s admission requirements and prepare well.

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Now you know what is the ACT test and what are the sections in the ACT test prep. Once you understand the exam structure and effective lesson tips, you will be able to focus and not be distracted.

You should also remember to keep yourself on track to save a lot of time. Now let’s embark on the preparation process to fully equip your knowledge and soon touch your US dream.

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