– Are you interested in studying in US universities? In addition to SAT certificate, ACT is also chosen by many students. Is the ACT certificate popular when studying in US?

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Like SAT, ACT (American College Testing) is the standardized test for admission to universities and colleges in the US. With the high ACT score, students can gain valuable scholarships from “top” US universities.

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In fact, there are many international certificates that help you prepare for US university study journeys such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, or ACT. Besides the GPA, if you consider TOEFL or IELTS as the necessary condition to prove your language ability, SAT or ACT will be the sufficient and compulsory evidence to show your academic level to be ready for success. In the US, ACT results are 100% accredited by universities and colleges with more than 2 million students taking the exam each year. According to the 2015 statistic, 1,548,198 students take the SAT and 1,924,436 students take the ACT in the US. The number of students who choose the ACT test is now on the rise every year. Is the ACT certificate popular when studying in US?

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Although it is only popular in Vietnam in the past few years, the ACT test has really created the wave of studying abroad. The difference of the ACT with most other certificates is the Science section. The candidate does not necessarily have to be good at Science subjects to do this, they only need to get a sense of scientific thinking to analyze chart types based on available data.

The ACT score helps the admissions committee evaluate not only the academic ability but also the ability to analyze and adapt international students in this culturally diverse country. Therefore, almost all international students who want to apply for a scholarship in the US see this as one of the required certificates to complete the application. Now you know is the ACT certificate popular when studying in US or not.

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