– SSAT is the standardized entrance exam that is almost mandatory for students in grades 3 to 11 who want to study at US primary, secondary and high schools. However, not all parents know how to calculate SSAT score.

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Currently, most schools in the US rely on SSAT to assess the students’ ability and English proficiency for admission. The SSAT test is divided into 3 levels: Elementary, Middle, and Upper.

  • SSAT Elementary Level (grade 3 – 4)
Section Number of questions Time

1 hour 35 minutes

1 hour 50 minutes (including Break)

Math 30 sentences 30 minutes
English (Verbal) 30 sentences 20 minutes
Break-time 15 minutes
Reading 28 sentences 30 minutes
Writing (not scored)* 1 essay 15 minutes

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  • SSAT Middle Level (grade 5 – 7) & SSAT Upper Level (grade 8 – 11)

The structure of the Middle Level and Upper-Level exams is the same but the difficulty of the test will increase up to the level.

Section Number of questions Time

2 hours 50 minutes

3 hours 5 minutes

(including Break)

Writing (not scored)* 1 essay 25 minutes
Break-time 5 minutes
Math 25 sentences

(not using calculator)

30 minutes
Reading 40 sentences 40 minutes
Break-time 10 minutes
English (Verbal) 60 sentences 30 minutes
Math 25 sentences

(not using calculator)

30 minutes
Experimental (not scored)* 16 sentences 15 minutes

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How to calculate SSAT score?

Each correct answer will score 1 point. Each wrong answer will be deducted by 0.25 points. Candidates will not be deducted if they leave the question blank. The score for each question like this is called a raw score. The raw score of each part will be calculated as follows:

Raw score = (Total number of correct sentences x 1 point) – (Total number of incorrect sentences x 0.25 points)

After that, this score will be converted into a scale score to determine the actual score for each test section.

  • Elementary Level: Each section (Math, Verbal, Reading) has a scale from 300 to 600. Total score: 900 – 1800. Median score: 1350.
  • Middle Level: Each section (Math, Verbal, Reading) has a scale from 440 to 710. Total score: 1320 – 2130. Median score: 1725.
  • Upper Level: Each section (Math, Verbal, Reading) has a scale from 500 to 800. Total score: 1500 – 2400. Median score: 1950.

In addition, SSAT provides a percentile score for each test. A percentile score compares a competitor’s score with other candidates of the same age and gender who took the test within 3 years. Knowing how to calculate SSAT score will help you avoid losing points and focusing more on the preparation process.

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