– Before you start studying for any exam, the first step is always to have a clear understanding of the passing score first to be able to create a suitable study plan, so knowing how much GMAT score is required is very important.

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GMAT score

For candidates wishing to increase their odds of getting into MBA programs, they must understand the GMAT score is a very important factor. Although the application method and GMAT needs of each school are somewhat different, the GMAT score is always used as a measure of the ability and quality of admission. The higher the GMAT score means the better the quality of the student will be in the learning process. However, there are not a few good scores that can guarantee your admission, and not having a GMAT does not detract from your chances of being admitted.

GMAT score is calculated on a scale of 200 – 800 divided by the following percentage points:

Total score Percentile rank
800 99%
750 98%
700 88%
650 75%
600 57%
550 41%
500 28%
450 18%
400 11%
350 6%
300 3%
250 2%
200 0%

The percentile rank will show how you do on the GMAT test compared to other test takers. For example, a total score (including the Verbal and Quantitative sections) of 650 will give you a 75% percentile rank. A 75% percentile rating means that you have a 75% higher total score (or the same total score) of the competitors in the same test and a 24% lower total score than the rest of the contestants.

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How much GMAT score is required?

As you consider your GMAT score goals, you should consult in advance the average score required by the school you want to attend. There are many resources refer to such as “” which summarizes the average score of different schools. GMAT score is based on 2 sections with a total score ranging from 200-800.

  • The quantitative score, from 0-60.
  • The verbal score, from 0-60.
  • Analytical Writing Assessment score, from 0-6 (separate point).
  • Integrated Reasoning score, from 1-8 (separate point).

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Here are some of the GMAT score broken down according to student performance:

Total score Quantitative Verbal Integrated Reasoning Analytical Writing
Highest score 710-800 51+ 40+ 8 6
Competitive score 650-700 48-50 35-39 7 5.5
Full score 550-640 38-47 28-34 5-6 4.5-5
Below average score Under 550 Under 37 Under 27 Under 4 Under 4


Hopefully, with the above chart, you can answer the question of how much GMAT score is required and choose your own score target to start practicing GMAT.

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