– Many students, after completing the university program, want to study post-graduate by taking the GRE and GMAT certificates. However, you must distinguish the difference between GRE and GMAT certificates to be able to prepare well for your exam preparation.

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The definition

GRE is the abbreviation of the Graduate Record Examination, which is a test used to evaluate the competency of candidates when applying for post-graduate programs in most majors in Nature and Society, except Law and Medicine.

Meanwhile, GMAT is the abbreviation of the Graduate Management Admission Test. Economics and business schools often use this test as one of the many entry-selection criteria for post-graduate business administration programs (such as MBA) in the US and some other English speaking countries.

Even though it’s just an explanation of the definition, have you seen the difference between GRE and GMAT certificates yet? Let’s learn more details about the difference between these two certificates.

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Difference between GRE and GMAT certificates in test structure and scale



Format Adaptive to each section: With Verbal and Quantitative, each section is divided into 2 parts. The results you achieved in part 1 will determine the difficulty level of the next part. Adapt to the question: The difficulty of the next question will depend on your correct or false answer in the previous question.
  • Analytical Writing: 2 essays, 30 minutes/part
  • Verbal: 2 parts, 30 minutes/part
  • Quantitative: 2 parts, 35 minutes/part (for paper test, 40 minutes/part)
  • Unidentified: Random questions, 30 minutes
  • Analytical Writing: 1 essay about the business case study, 30 minutes/part
  • Quantitative: 1 part, 62 minutes
  • Verbal: 1 part, 65 minutes
  • Integrated Reasoning: 1 part, 30 minutes
  • Analytical Writing: 0-6
  • Verbal: 130-170
  • Quantitative: 130-170
  • Unidentified: Unscored
  • Analytical Writing: 0-6
  • Verbal and Quantitative (total): 200-800
  • Integrated Reasoning: 0-8

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Above is the comparison of the definition, structure, and score for GRE and GMAT certificates. Have you seen the difference between these two certificates yet? Currently, GRE is also accepted by a number of MBA programs as an entry requirement in parallel with GMAT. You need to thoroughly understand the entry requirements of the program you want to apply in order to make a more accurate choice.

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