– To maximum support for Vietnamese students in the process of preparing for the exam, here are the top 5 popular SSAT exam preparation materials.

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Top 5 popular SSAT exam preparation materials

  • Kaplan SSAT & ISEE 2020-2021

The book Kaplan SSAT & ISEE 2020-2021 is the latest version creating the perfect combination of writing strategy and question assessment strategy for candidates. It is also a comprehensive SSAT test guide. In addition to the full amount of knowledge and exercises in the book, Kaplan SSAT & ISEE 2020-2021 also helps to consult parents on how to help candidates feel most comfortable when the test day is approaching.

  • McGraw-Hill Education: SSAT/ISEE

The McGraw-Hill Education: SSAT / ISEE book is SSAT learning materials that deserve attention because of the easy-to-understand style of writing, many vivid illustrations, sure to help candidates absorb knowledge easily. Not only does the book include 16 diagrams illustrating the problem and direction, but also has its interactive applications that allow candidates to plan on completing 6 full tests by themselves. Finally, there are detailed explanations and 30 tips on how to get a high SSAT score.

  • Ivy Global SSAT

The Ivy Global SSAT includes detailed exam preparation information on various subjects and question types on the Verbal & Reading sections, as well as Math & Practice Books. You should choose this book to prepare for the SSAT because it has more than 1,000 pages of preparation books. In addition, this book also provides a comprehensive introduction to all exams, effective exam preparation strategies for each type of question and a full vocabulary set.

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  • Cracking the SSAT and ISEE: 2019 edition

The book Cracking the SSAT & ISEE provides candidates with a thinking, multidimensional perspective, focusing on solving practical exercises in SSAT instead of just teaching theoretical lessons. Besides, the book also provides you with 6 full test SSAT practice exercises, online learning accounts with revision or tests for each section, and practice questions for all subjects at all levels.

  • Official Guide for SSAT

This is a typical book for SSAT test preparation published by SSAT Board, which organizes the SSAT exam. The Official Guide for SSAT book set is divided into two booklets including The Official Guide to the Middle-Level SSAT (for students from grades 5 to 7) and The Official Guide to the Upper-Level SSAT (for students from grade 8 to 11). This set of books is aimed directly at each clear target group and includes 2 full test SSATs, information on registration or exam preparation for each level, marking instructions and explanations, and finally exercise formats for each question type.

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Notes to choosing SSAT preparation materials

  • Master the structure of the SSAT test.
  • Prepare a plan for SSAT preparation.
  • Allocate reasonable study time.
  • Overcoming weaknesses in practice.
  • Work hard for the exam.

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