– You didn’t meet the minimum score on the previous SSAT or you want to improve your score to apply to top schools but you don’t have much time to study, the secret to improve SSAT score in a short time below will help you.

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  1. Determine SSAT score you need to improve

When you have a clear goal, you will be motivated to review. If your previous score did not meet the entry requirements of the school of your choice, you also need to find out other schools with lower SSAT requirements as a backup way.

  1. Make a specific timetable for SSAT preparation

Because you have taken SSAT, you know the exam structure and time. When you don’t have much time, you need to increase your daily review time and focus on problem-solving rather than vocabulary learning.

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  1. Focus on the skills and subjects in which you are weak

Through your previous SSAT results, as well as during the review process, you already know which skills you are struggling with. You list the mistakes that you often encounter, as well as the basic knowledge that you have not mastered, and focus your time on improving and strengthening your weaknesses. You can ask for help from friends or teachers to explain what you don’t understand.

  1. Registering for SSAT test preparation at a reputable center

This is also one of the secrets to improve SSAT scores in a short time. When preparing for SSAT with teachers who have many years of experience in SSAT preparation as well as those who have passed SSAT. They will understand the difficulties you are facing. At the same time, teachers also share effective review materials to help you save time searching and choosing materials and you will also be guided with good tips to help you get a high score.

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In addition to the secret to improve SSAT score in a short time, don’t worry too much about your SSAT score. Although it’s an important test and should be taken seriously, excessive stress won’t help anything. You should remember that SSAT is only one part of your application and need to focus on the interview, recommendations, and other things like extracurriculars.

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