– To get an SSAT certificate with a high enough score to apply to private secondary schools in the US, in addition to learning SSAT preparation at international education centers, you should know more about synthesis of useful SSAT Upper Level materials to easily conquer this exam.

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SSAT Upper Level là gì?

SSAT Upper Level is a test for students from grades 8 to 11 according to the entrance standards to private middle schools and high schools in the United States.

The SSAT is an unlimited number of tests per student per year. The SSAT is administered several times a year, so students can take the test as many times as they want if they don’t get the score they want.

SSAT Elementary Level exam structure lasts 03 hours 05 minutes for 06 sections with 05 minutes and 10 minutes rest after the first and third sections.

  • Writing Sample: 25 minutes (No grading)
  • Quantitative: 25 question – 30 minutes (No computer allowed)
  • Reading: 40 questions – 40 minutes.
  • Verbal: 60 questions – 30 minutes.
  • Quantitative: 25 questions – 30 minutes (No computer allowed)
  • Experimental: 16 questions – 15 minutes (No grading)

After determining the structure of the SSAT Upper Level exam, the next thing students need to do is start planning a learning route through synthesis of useful SSAT Upper Level materials.

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Synthesis of useful SSAT Upper Level materials

In addition to documents from the official SSAT site,, you can also refer to the following other documents and books for SSAT Upper Level preparation:

SSAT Upper Level Prep Books 2021 – 2022: SSAT Practice Test Questions and Study Guide [2nd Edition]

  • It includes test tips, clear instructions, comprehensive documentation, practice questions, and detailed answer explanations.
  • It also provides test-taking tips and test-taking best practices to help you pass the exam with confidence, and tips to help you deepen your understanding and make better decisions and predictions after doing mock tests.
  • The questions in the book have additional sections to explain the Detailed Review, Practice Questions, and Answer Explanations sections.
  • There are also easy-to-understand introductions to all test preparation materials for you to use on the official test day including time-limited information and registration details.

SSAT Upper Level Test Prep Course

  • This is a website that provides full information about: practice questions, lessons, videos, flashcards.
  • 750 practice questions plus a series of full-length practice tests.
  • The 43 lessons are all tailored to the needs of the students as are video lessons suitable for all levels.
  • 130+ video tutorials for complex concepts and 247 flashcards to help you learn the vocabulary for the real exam.

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SSAT Upper Level Prep Book 2021 and 2022: SSAT Review with Practice Test Questions: [7th Edition]

The course provides comprehensive study guides on:

  • Test-Taking Strategies: best tips to help you pass the exam
  • Introduction: to learn more about what the tests are and the content of the actual test
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Number Concepts and Operations, Algebra, Geometry/Measurement, and Data Analysis/Probability
  • Verbal: Synonyms, Verbal Analogies, and Vocabulary
  • Detailed Answer Explanations: comprehensive assessment and detailed exam information to comprehensively assess what may appear on the actual test.
  • The materials covered in the test are prepared with explanations to highlight the correct answers so that you can easily learn from your mistakes in the mock exam and avoid missing the answers. correct in the future official exam.

The Official Guide to the Upper Level SSAT 2016

  • It has tutorials to help students understand practice tests before you take the actual SSAT, and additional timing, scoring, content, and preparation tips for each section.
  • The SSAT Upper Level instruction includes 2 full-length practice tests.

SSAT Upper Level Prep 2020-2021

  • This book includes 200 questions and has 600 more questions along with answer explanations.
  • The book has 4 exams with full sections to help candidates practice before trying the real test, and reduce psychological pressure in the exam room.

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