– During exam preparation, strategies and tips are very popular with students. The same applies to the international SSAT test where a large number of students want to know the strategies SSAT exam preparation and high score taker.

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  1. Strategies SSAT exam preparation and high score taker: Verbal
  • Tips for doing the Synonym: In these questions, there will be words you understand clearly, some words you hear but don’t know well, and words you don’t know. Therefore, when faced with this type of article, focus on solving the sentences that you know well first, then slowly work to the sentences you know less, and finally the sentences you do not know.
  • Tips for doing the Synonym question: There is a trick when doing these questions that you cover your answers, leave out keywords, then think of synonyms with that keyword. If you find a synonym, compare it with the answers. Eliminate the most inconsistent options and choose the options that are closest to them. If you can’t come up with a specific synonym, can you describe it? Does it mean positive or negative? The origin of that word?

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  1. Strategies SSAT exam preparation and high score taker: Math
  • Always work on paper: Since calculators are not used in the SSAT test, using draft paper and working on scrap paper is a great way to avoid errors.
  • Tips to help understand the problem: Many Math problems are difficult to understand, causing many students to misunderstand and miscalculate their answers. Therefore, reading the problem thoroughly and underlining the important elements of the question is one of the necessary actions before starting the test.
  • Estimates: Estimates are a great tool to eliminate false answers. Before doing any exercises, you should plan what the correct answer is. Think of things like: Is it positive or negative? Is it an integer or a fraction? Which answer is larger or smaller than the answer in the question?

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  1. Strategies SSAT exam preparation and high score taker: Essay

– Looking at your spelling, are there any words that don’t match the context?

– Is your comma so that makes sense?

– Is your sentence complete? Remember not to connect two complete sentences with commas.

– If your essay includes dialogue, have you used the correct quotes?

– Did you spell the words correctly like there / they were, your / you were, and to / too?

Hopefully, the above strategies SSAT exam preparation and high score taker will support you in your learning path.

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