– SSAT is the standard entrance exam for students from grade 3 to grade 11 who want to study in private secondary and high school in the US. Not only attend an exam preparation course, students can reference some effective SSAT exam preparation materials.

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Levels to do SSAT test

The important thing for the candidate when you want to register SSAT test knows is what level suitable for you, because the test designs with different levels:

  • SSAT Elementary Level for students from grades 3 to 4.
  • SSAT Middle Level for students from grades 5 to 7.
  • SSAT Upper Level for students from grades 8 to 11.

Students have to determine the level of focus on the year you will study aboard. For example, now you are a student in grade 7 and you want to study aboard in 2 years later, then the level you have to choose is Upper Level. After determining the test suitably, you have to make a plan to revise and some effective SSAT exam preparation materials.

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Some effective SSAT exam preparation materials

  • Official SSAT sources

The official web is will supply complete information for you includes place, time, how to register, prestigious materials sources for reference, and a lot of mock tests to check your ability, moreover, you can buy some materials include sample test has the structure the same with the official test “The Official SSAT Practice Online” among $70 was written by College Board.

  • Material for each level

“The Official SSAT Guide” can download frees for primary level and advanced level, you can find and order it online from these prestigious webs. “The Official SSAT Guide” is an important part of SSAT preparation. These materials provide the presentation methods, the format, and the topic of the test, to answer questions about this elementary information, how to score, some tips to do the test, or how to get high score for each level.

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  • Other material sources

These sources besides, you should find more materials on the internet and some books in the library school, or bookstore. Some materials to revise SSAT effective you should reference:

    • “Cracking the SSAT & ISEE” is a material published by The Princeton Review includes questions that used to practice enclosed the answer, you have to check which level you then buy them.
    • “Upper-Level SSAT: 1500+ Practice questions” include tests to check your level help you to find out which part is your weakness and improve it. Moreover, when you use this book you can base on each preparation topic, about a hundred questions related to the SSAT test part, this is a book suitable for learning by yourself or with teachers.

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