– SSAT exam can cause many difficulties for students because although you practice and try a lot, you have not completed the test with the desired score. But don’t worry, you should find how to raise each SSAT section score.

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SSAT certificate

SSAT is a test for middle school and high school students in private American schools (grade 5 to 11 equivalent) and is divided into 3 levels: Elementary, Middle, and Upper.

The test measures students’ ability to reason, language, and math and is considered one of the admission criteria of private schools in the US.

In addition to the objective factors, you should apply how to increase SSAT score such as mastering the exam information, practicing many mock tests, studying in groups with friends, or working on a reasonable test strategy… How to raise each SSAT section score?

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How to raise each SSAT section score?

SSAT exam of all 3 levels includes:

  • Math: Includes 30 multiple-choice questions related to general knowledge of Math within 30 minutes.
  • Verbal: Includes 30 multiple-choice questions in 20-30 minutes depending on the level.
  • Reading: Including 28 questions related to reading comprehension with a time of 30-40 minutes.
  • Writing: This section will not be scored or sent with students’ test results, but sent directly to schools. Writing takes place within 15 minutes at Elementary and 25 minutes at Middle and Upper levels.
  • Experimental: This is a 15-minute exam that combines knowledge from many other exams such as Verbal, Reading, and Math. This section is also not included in the test result report.

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Here are the details on how to incremental points in SSAT:

  • SSAT Math: The first thing you should try to apply is to practice many practice tests and adjust the test time to match the actual exam time. Maybe with the first mock exams, you will be very disappointed with the way of managing time for the exams, but do not give up, the more exam questions you do, the more experience you will draw yourself problems, arrange easy sentence completion first and mark again which cannot be done immediately…
  • SSAT Verbal: A test that tests a candidate’s skills in using words and vocabulary with their ability to connect ideas and present them. Therefore, the common difficulty is the poor vocabulary and the use of the wrong language or context. If you want to develop your vocabulary, you can check out reputable online sites that provide substantial vocabulary through lists and online resources like Kaplan, Ivy Global, or the Princeton Review.
  • SSAT Reading: Reading often challenges students with complex-styled passages and many questions that are within the school setting and require a high level of accuracy. Reading Comprehension types usually identify the main idea of ​​the paragraph, analyze details, make inferences, interpret the meaning of words or phrases in the paragraph, determine the purpose of the author’s writing. For this section, candidates need to be able to determine what the main idea of ​​the essay is and identify a variety of essays. One of the types that confuse and most difficult for candidates is the poetry genre because you do not know how to complete the exam with this genre. Therefore, you should take a lot of practice exams and see instructions on how to solve the exam from the expert.
  • SSAT Writing and SSAT Experimental: These are exams that do not receive a score and the candidate does not even know if their exam meets the standards, but try to complete it well as it will be a huge plus points help you increase your chances of getting into the school you want. Improving in these sections will combine the learning styles from the Math, Verbal and Reading sections.

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