– In addition to going to SSAT preparation centers, many students choose to self-study at home to save time and money. The following article will guide to self-study effectively SSAT at home to achieve the best results in the SSAT.

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SSAT exam structure

  • Quantitative: Consists of 2 parts, each part contain 25 questions about Concepts, Algebra, Geometry
  • Verbal: 60 questions about Synonyms, Analogies
  • Reading: 40 questions on a variety of topics
  • Writing: 1 writing not scored, but schools use it to assess writing skills.
  • Experimental: 16 questions of mixed content questions (verbal, reading, and math). This section does not count toward reported scores.

The test lasts 3 hours and 5 minutes for 6 parts, with 2 short breaks. The structure of the Middle and Upper-Level Test is the same, the question types used for the Upper-Level Test level are more difficult than the Middle level.

If you are homeschooling, the following guide to self-study effectively SSAT at home will help you a lot in the upcoming SSAT exam.

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Guide to self-study effectively SSAT at home

  • Master the test structure: Before starting to self-study, you need to familiarize yourself with the test structure and conduct mock tests to determine your level.
  • Build a suitable study schedule: After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, the next step is to build a study schedule based on your own ability, so you need to plan a reasonable time to work.
  • Allocate reasonable time: The average time to review to fully prepare the necessary knowledge and skills for the SSAT exam as you won’t usually last from 3 to 6 months, so you need to allocate time to study. approximately 300 hours of dedicated study to achieve the score goal
  • Find the right curriculum: when you choose the right textbook for you, you will save time on learning, the website you can refer to find the right textbook, thereby making it easier to review  Official SSAT Practice Materials
  • Practice regularly: after learning the theory, you need to be equipped with practice skills, as well as familiar with the SSAT exam structure. If you practice, you will be more confident when taking the actual test.
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  • Familiarize yourself with forums: Through doing exercises on forums, candidates will learn logical thinking that is not necessarily learned in books, including uncertain knowledge that will easily lose points and approach new lessons. practice from different perspectives
  • Create your vocabulary lists: build your vocabulary and better understand the meaning of unfamiliar words by viewing them in the context of other words. Collecting frequently encountered vocabulary topics will help you speed up the test
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