– SSAT materials can be easily found from a variety of sources, but choosing inappropriate or wrong information provided materials will be counterproductive for test-takers. So what are the appropriate SSAT materials choosing experiences?

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Notice before choosing SSAT materials

Before choosing the right SSAT materials, you need to note that SSAT includes 3 different levels: SSAT Elementary Level (for students in grades 3-4), SSAT Middle Level (for students in grades 5-7), and SSAT Upper Level (for students in grades 8-11).

It is very important to determine the appropriate test for your level because if you get the wrong level, the review content will be completely different. Therefore, you need to plan out a thorough study route and build on the appropriate SSAT materials choosing experiences from the former test-takers to make studying SSAT more clear and specific.

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Appropriate SSAT materials choosing experiences

Before starting to practice SSAT, you should buy dozens of SSAT materials immediately, is that right? The answer is should not. SSAT materials can be easily found anywhere, but choosing the right one to suit your level and needs will save you a lot of money and time. Here are some experiences in choosing the right SSAT document for you to consider:

  • Official Study Guide for SSAT: SSAT College Board (SSAT testing agency) is the publisher of this series. The set of books is divided into two main books: Official Study Guide for the Middle-Level SSAT (for students from grades 5 to 7) and Official Study Guide for the Upper-Level SSAT (for students from grades 8 to 11). Both books contain the main content:
    • 4 full-length test exams.
    • Test tips and questions.
    • Information to prepare for the upcoming exam includes how to register, how to prepare for the exam, and how to take the SSAT.
    • Guidelines for grading and explanation.
    • Describe the types of exercises for each question type.

If you are new to the SSAT and need documents that give you the most basic information and knowledge, this is probably the book you are looking for.

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  • Cracking the SSAT and ISEE: This will be a perfect choice for those who are weak in Math. Cracking the SSAT & ISEE by the famous publisher The Princeton Review will provide you with a thinking, multi-dimensional perspective, focusing on solving practical exercises in SSAT rather than theoretical knowledge. Therefore, if you have grasped the theory, this book will be a worthy choice to consider. The book’s main content:
    • 6 full-length test SSAT practice.
    • Test-taking strategy.
    • Up-to-date knowledge content for all levels.
  • SSAT: SSAT series from Ivy Global publishers includes SSAT English, SSAT Math, and SSAT Practice to help you review fully and in-depth on various topics and question types of Verbal & Reading as well as SSAT Math & Practice sections for Middle and Upper levels. The book’s contents include:
    • A complete introduction to each section.
    • The most effective exam preparation strategy for each question type.
    • Over 1000 in-depth practice questions.
    • Full and detailed vocabulary.

This will be the ideal set of books for SSAT beginners who need to improve theory and practice at the same time for each test section.

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Besides studying at school, SSAT exam requires you to continuously improve your knowledge and practice. Depending on your learning ability, you can choose an after-school method that suits you: self-study, study with friends, tutoring at the center… to maintain a regular study habit through exam preparation and select the most suitable SSAT materials to help with the desired test results. – A place to share all the experiences of Test Prep exams such as SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE… for students preparing to study abroad. If you have any questions, please contact directly by email or hotline for free advice.