– The SSAT is an important test in the admissions process at middle and high schools in the United States. To learn more about how to earn this certification, here are 10 frequently asked questions about SSAT scores.

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For students who are preparing for entrance to the school in the US, the SSAT certificate serves as a certification of the student’s ability to adapt to an academic environment entirely in English. The following 10 frequently asked questions about SSAT scores will help parents and students better understand this certificate and plan appropriate processes.

10 frequently asked questions about SSAT scores

  1. What is an SSAT score?

The SSAT provides both numerical and percentage scores for each test section. Depending on the level of the SSAT, the score will fluctuate according to different score frames, the higher the SSAT score, the greater the chance of being admitted to the schools. Percentage scores compare a student’s score with other students of the same age and gender who have taken the test within the past 3 years.

       2. SSAT scores of each level

The total SSAT score is divided based on 3 levels:

    • SSAT Elementary Level: 900-1800
    • SSAT Middle Level: 1320-2130
    • SSAT Upper Level: 1500-2400

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4. How many types of SSAT scores are there?

There are two types of scores: Raw score and Scale score. Raw score will be calculated according to the number of correct answers and from there will be converted to scale score.

5. Does the SSAT have a deduction for mistakes?

The SSAT is deducted points for incorrect answers. For each correct answer, the candidate will get 1 point. For each wrong answer, 0.25 points will be deducted. No points will be deducted from the candidate if the question is left blank.

6. How are SSAT scores calculated?

The SSAT score is calculated as the sum of the Quantitative, Verbal, and Reading sections. There are two types of SSAT score are raw score and scale score. Raw score is the score calculated on each correct answer (1 point/question) minus the penalty point for each wrong answer (0.25 point/question) in each test section, then converted into a scale score – the official SSAT score used for admission.

7. What is the raw score, scale score?

The score for each question like this is called the raw score. The raw score of each section will be calculated as follows:

Raw score = (Total number of correct answers x 1 point) – (Total number of incorrect answers x 0.25 points)

This score will then be converted to a scale score to determine the actual score for each section.

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8. What is the percentage of SSAT?

The SSAT percentile represents how results compare to peers who have taken the SSAT in the last three years. If a student’s percentage is 85%, it indicates that the student has a higher score than the 85% of you who took this test in the last three years.

9. What is a good SSAT score?

There is no specific score for this question. For the Upper level, a score of 2160 and above is considered high, with a percentage, 85% will basically be considered high. However, this score is still quite relative because each school will have different requirements for their students.

10. Are SSAT scores more important than transcripts?

Absolutely not. In fact, some schools often pay more attention to SSAT percentages than SSAT scores. Score rank and percentage considered “high” will vary from school to school. For some schools, the average percentile rank for acceptance will be in the 60%, but for others, the average percentile rank for acceptance will be in the 85t% or higher. For clarity, Your goal is to check each school’s scores to determine what the average percentage of students is and to develop a study plan accordingly.

11. How long are SSAT scores valid for?

SSAT results are only valid for the current test year at all 3 levels

We hope that the above 10 frequently asked questions about SSAT scores have answered your questions about the SSAT exam for you to easily achieve a high SSAT score in the upcoming exam.


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