– The SAT Subject is not mandatory, but if you want to apply to highly competitive universities or apply for scholarships, the SAT Subject will give you an edge. Therefore, during the preparation process, candidates inevitably wonder: “Why is the SAT Subject test difficult?”

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Advantages of SAT Subject

SAT Subject (also known as SAT II) is used to assess a student’s ability in a particular subject for a variety of purposes, be it required by some universities or to increase the opportunity to pass the entrance exam to the universities, facilitate scholarship consideration, etc. In addition, many universities also accept SAT Subject scores as an alternative to SAT General results if the scores are not really excellent. SAT Subjects also help students convey their specialized skills that are not shown on the resume or the SAT General. For example, if you are good at Chemistry but SAT General or GPA in Chemistry does not show your ability, then SAT Subject will be like a “savior” to help you have another chance to score with the school’s admissions committee.

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SAT Subject test scores never expire and results can be used for many years after the test, so it is increasingly common for candidates to spend more time preparing for the SAT Subject test in multiple subjects. at. Although the required scores will be in line with the standards of each school, most universities will give preference to applicants with a 650 or higher on a scale of 200-800, for the competitive universities, candidates should score 700 to 750 points or higher. This is probably one of the reasons why is the SAT Subject test difficult.

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Why is the SAT Subject test difficult?

The reason many students find SAT Subjects difficult is because the amount of knowledge of SAT Subject subjects is often focused on synthesis, depth, and extension, spanning knowledge from Secondary School to High School, requiring students to take a lot of time to synthesize and practice to be most effective. For example, in SAT Subject Physics, the test consists of 75 multiple-choice questions, and candidates are not allowed to use calculators. The knowledge of Physics in the exam is very broad, including all chapters in the High School Physics program, including those that are not taught carefully such as Atomic Physics, Relativity, etc. Or with Literature, the test is about 60 multiple-choice reading comprehension questions for 6-8 British and American works. These works span from 1700 to the Modern Age. Knowledge of this subject is not limited, so students need to read a lot of works in different genres, from many different authors from different countries, to successfully complete the exam.

Therefore, it can be seen that the main reason “why is the SAT Subject test difficult?” is because of the huge amount of knowledge and requires strong self-study ability on the part of students. In addition, other reasons may cause students to find SAT Subjects difficult such as:

  • How to score SAT Subject: A partial point is subtracted for incorrect answers but no penalty for unanswered questions. When answering the question, the candidate has 50% of the score and 50% of the point deducted. Therefore, you must be sure that your answer is 100% correct, or if you are not sure, you can skip it, to minimize the possibility of points being deducted for incorrect answers.
  • Test Time: SAT Subject test takers are only allowed to complete the test within 60 minutes. The amount of test time is not too little but not enough for you to wonder about the answer for too long. Difficult questions force you to think longer, leading to a lack of time for other questions, which can easily make you confused, lose your temper and fail the exam.
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After you have solved the questions of why the SAT Subject test is difficult, the next step that you need to take is to review what you are lacking, increase your time to review, and practice your ability with mock tests within 60 minutes, etc. to get closer to the score set. No success is easy, the difficulty of studying SAT Subject is also normal and worth overcoming because after achieving the expected success, you will not regret your efforts. – A place to share all the experiences of Test Prep exams (SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, etc.) for students preparing to study abroad. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via email or hotline for free advice.

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