– SAT Subject is not so familiar as SAT General, but for those who are on the way to study in the US, it is impossible not to know SAT Subject. What subjects does SAT Subject include?

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SAT Subject, also known as SAT II, ​​is a test in a certain subject, usually, you will choose subjects that are strong and related to your university enrollment. Not all US universities require students to have SAT II scores, but this is often a requirement for top-ranked universities. Most schools require 2 SAT II subjects for each major. What subjects does SAT Subject include?

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There are currently about 20 subjects in SAT II including:

Math 1 French (with the listening test)
Math 2 Spanish (with the listening test)
Physics Italian 
Chemistry Latin
Ecology German (with the listening test)
Molecular Biology Chinese (with the listening test)
Literature Korean (with the listening test)
American History Japanese (with the listening test)
World History

Math: Math 1 and Math 2 contain 50 multiple choice questions and are allowed to use a calculator. Math 1 only tests knowledge in high school, but Math 2 will be more intensive with matrices, trigonometry, or trigonometric functions.

Physics: The test consists of 75 multiple choice questions and is not allowed to use a calculator, knowledge including all topics in the program.

Chemistry: The test consists of 85 multiple-choice questions and is not allowed to use calculator, knowledge including General Chemistry, Inorganic – Organic Chemistry, and Laboratory Chemistry.

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Biology: The test consists of two types of exam questions: Ecology and Molecular Biology. The first 60 questions of both questions are the same, the last 20 will be different depending on which exam you choose.

Literature: The test consists of 60 multiple choice questions on given reading comprehension (from English, American literary works, and English-speaking countries).

American History: The test consists of 90 multiple choice questions, extensive knowledge of the political, economic, and social fields, etc.

World History: The test consists of 95 multiple choice questions and knowledge spread across continents since 500 AD.

Foreign Languages: For French, Spanish, and German, there are two options: the standard test and the listening test. For Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, only the listening test is available. For Latin and Italian, only the standard test is available.

Now you know what subjects does SAT Subject include and can prepare for the exam as soon as possible to pursue your goal.

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