– In addition to sending the full SAT score, US universities also offer another option to assist candidates to submit their most outstanding component SAT score called the SAT superscore. What is SAT superscore?

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What is SAT superscore?

The superscore means you are allowed to take the highest component score (Reading & Writing or Math) from every section to put it into the final score.

For example, if you take the SAT 3 times, Reading & Writing score are 740, 690, and 710 respectively, and Math score is 650, 690, and 720 respectively, the school will select the highest score in Reading & Writing at 740 on the first test combined with the highest score in Math at 720 on the third test and gave the new total score.

The following is an example table of superscore points:

Section Reading & Writing Math Total
Test 1 740 650 1390
Test 2 690 690 1380
Test 3 710 720 1430
Superscore 740 720 1460


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Advantages and disadvantages of superscore

Superscore gives students the opportunity to be assessed based on the highest total component score that they have achieved on the SAT.

Not all universities accept superscore, but today most of the universities from normal to the top in the US accept superscore with their own policies. You can find this policy on the school’s admissions page, usually in the admission requirements section.

You can not only submit the highest Reading & Writing or Math score, but the school requires students to send all the points of an exam, and then the school will filter out the highest component score from exams to get an overview of your progress.

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How many times should you send SAT superscore?

It is the fact that two-thirds of the students raised their scores on the second SAT. Maybe even having tried many times, but with the first exam, you more or less get confused with the test and the air pressure in the exam room, so from the second time onwards will best assess the true strength.

Although saying the SAT multiple times will provide an opportunity to improve your score and select the highest component score to apply, taking too many exams and sending all scores to universities will offensive to the admission committee. Ideally, no more than 3 visits to each university.

Now that you understand what is SAT superscore, you should carefully study the requirements of the school you want to apply and plan in detail for studying to win a place at the dream school.

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