– Although improving your SAT score in a short time will make you apply and require intense concentration, you should be equipped with the secret to improving SAT score in a short time to increase the efficiency of exam preparation.

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How long does it take to prepare for SAT?

To get the desired SAT improvement score, you need to spend the same amount of time revising. Here are the number of improvement points equivalent to the number of practice hours you can refer to:

 Point improvement Time
0-30 10 hours
30-70 20 hours
70-130 40 hours
130-200 80 hours
200-330 150 hours+


The short time you define can be 1 month, 2 months, or 6 months depending on how much you want your SAT score to improve. Once you know how much time it takes to increase your score, you can consider finding out the secret to improving SAT score in a short time that suggests below.

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The secret to improving SAT score in a short time

  1. Improve your score from low to medium:
  • Learn the most essential content for Math and English.
  • Focus on easy and medium questions.
  • Reinforce basic reading and writing skills.

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  1. Improve your score from average to decent by:
  • Get deeper content knowledge – you do not have to know everything, but you should understand most of the math concepts and grammar rules.
  • Practice above-average reading and writing skills, using reasoning and vocabulary knowledge.
  • Develop the ideal test-taking strategy to tackle each section in the shortest amount of time.
  1. Improve your score from good to high by:
  • All Math and English content must be free of any holes.
  • Acquire an advanced vocabulary that applies to both reading comprehension and persuasive reasoning.
  • Master all the best test-taking strategies and techniques.

Sure that you can skip a question or two if you don’t make it in time, but skipping too many won’t give you the chance to get the score you want. Therefore, what you need to practice regularly is to take the practice test so many times that you know deeply of the test structure and minimize the unnecessarily lost minutes. In that way, you will have free time to check every answer after taking the test. This is probably the best way to avoid blunders that can reduce your chances of winning a perfect score.

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