– Examination of any certificate will have certain difficulties and SAT Subject is even more strange because it is not as common as SAT General. Therefore, the difficulties of SAT Subject exam preparation is unavoidable.

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SAT Subject is usually only required by top US universities, rather than the almost mandatory condition of most schools like SAT General, so few centers offer exam preparation classes. Students who want to prepare for SAT are also quite confused and cannot identify which prestigious training place.

Next is the issue of revision materials, if you register for study at the center or study with a tutor, it may be instructed, but for the case of self-studying, which material to choose and where to buy it is a problem.

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Finally, in the difficulties of SAT Subject exam preparation, choosing the appropriate method is the most disturbing, you do not know where you should start, choose which part to study, research theory first, or embark on the test right away, even the specific test preparation plan will make it difficult for you.

But with the current growth of the Internet, finding information or joining learning exchange groups seems to be quite easy. You can consult the experienced precursors about the centers, teachers, materials, methods… Then you can directly find the center or tutor where many people have mentioned to enroll.

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For reference, books like Cracking the SAT Subject Test by Princeton Review and How to Prepare for the SAT II? by Barron’s, and The Official SAT Subject Test Study Guide by College Board are the books selected by many test-takers.

In short, no success is easy, the difficulties of SAT Subject exam preparation are also normal and respectable for later, when achieving the results of scholarships to the top universities in the US, you will be thankful for the challenges that have cultivated your determination and perseverance.

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