– As an important American exam, the SAT determines the educational path of the majority of students. To be able to prepare for the SAT preparation, we need to have which SAT test prep materials for each section?

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With so many SAT prep books to choose from, how can you tell the difference between a good book and a bad one? Well, don’t worry because we at have put together a list of SAT test prep materials for each section just for you!

SAT test prep materials for each section

To help you easily find exam preparation books quickly and in detail, the collection will be divided into 2 parts:

  • SAT Math test prep books

These are books that focus on the Math section of the SAT, often offering particularly in-depth instruction on each practice. Plus, for many students, these materials are more accessible than grand SAT overall test prep books.

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Dr. Steve Warner’s 500 New SAT Math Problems

Price: $40


  • The content is provided with comprehensive and comprehensive content review and instruction
  • The exercises are arranged in order of level and difficulty, so they are very suitable for low-level students.
  • All of your needed Math topics are integrated into one book allowing you to focus on certain topics depending on your own level
  • Each lesson in this book is carefully crafted and the practice problems are realistic, helping to strengthen your understanding.
  • Explain your answers clearly and consider a number of different solutions that you can implement and apply in the same type of exercise.


  • Compared to previous versions, the latest version of this textbook has many limitations
  • The price is quite high

Dr. Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook New Edition

Price: $40


  • A large number of exercises to practice with more than 1500 exercises for students
  • The question types are sorted by difficulty level, so you can break them down and practice them according to your needs.
  • The exercises in the material are all real-life examples of what you’ll see on the SAT. The book emphasizes algebra, covers basic trigonometry and divides the questions into non-computer and computer sections (just like the actual SAT).


  • There is still a very limited amount of lesson content to help students review. So to get a broader view, as well as strategies and detailed explanations, you will need to supplement with other review books.
  • There are some spelling mistakes in the book that can distract you during practice
  • The document does not include many test strategies
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  • SAT Reading và Writing test prep books

The Critical Reader: The Complete Guide to SAT Reading, 3rd Edition

Price: $33


  • Provide students with useful test strategies
  • Teach students how to locate important information quickly and efficiently. It provides helpful strategies for approaching paired data interpretation and supporting evidence questions, many of which require you to read tables or graphs.
  • Provide students with lists of words, multiple-meaning words with their own definitions
  • Provide students with frequently asked questions in the Reading Comprehension section, such as identifying key points, detailed explanations, and contextual vocabulary.


  • A lot of students don’t like the book design of this textbook. The overall layout and format of the book, the fonts are small, cramped, and not very creative or appealing.
  • The sample reading passages have a rather dry writing style
  • High price

The Critical Reader: The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, 4th Edition

Price: $30


  • Provide students with realistic and structured questions similar to those on the SAT Writing section.
  • Analyze for students’ important skills and grammar rules for you to review.
  • Provide students with test-taking strategies to achieve the best results


  • The material is still limited in the number of review exercises
  • Providing too many strategies in no order leads to students not knowing which strategy to prioritize.
  • The writing style is quite dry
  • High price
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