– SAT Subject is a test of a specific subject instead of an overall assessment of reading, writing, and analytical skills like SAT General. What is the effective SAT Subject exam preparation materials?

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There are many SAT Subject exam preparation books on the publishing market, but the most popular are books from famous publishers such as Barron’s, Kaplan, The Princeton Review, and books from the official organization College Board.

For those who take the SAT Subject exam, The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests published by College Board is the first book you should own to understand the overview of the exam structure, how to calculate points, the total number of questions… that you want to register for the exam.

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In addition, College Board also publishes The Official SAT Subject Test Study Guide for each subject such as Mathematics Level 1 & 2, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, US History… This group of books includes the practice tests closest to the exam questions. It also has an explanation of the answer, so you can use it as a final step in your practice.

Cracking the SAT Subject Test by Princeton Review is a series of books used by most students for SAT preparation and relatively complete subjects such as Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, US History, World History, Literature, Spanish, French…

Similarly, How to Prepare for the SAT II? by Barron’s is also the top choice of books for SAT Subject exam preparation.

In addition, you should also refer to effective SAT Subject exam preparation materials from reputable sources, such as PrepScholar which provides questions and instruction videos for a number of subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Physics, US History, and World History.

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Particularly for social subjects such as Literature, World History, US History, you should read more documents from many sources and books, that will help expand and enhance knowledgeability to get better scores on the SAT.

The above books have partly helped you to choose effective SAT Subject exam preparation materials among countless titles on the market. Practicing a lot is never redundant, but finding good books from the beginning will help you practice effectively and avoid wasting time.

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