– The SAT is a popular choice among students because the SAT certificate is one of the prerequisites for admission to universities in the US. For those who are new to the SAT, choosing the right SAT prep books recommended for beginners is essential.

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Notes when choosing SAT prep books recommended for beginners

For many US universities, the SAT is an important test to assess a candidate’s natural, social, and logical thinking ability. In particular, a high score on the SAT is also an advantage for candidates to increase their competitiveness for admission and earn scholarships to many prestigious US universities. When students work on their SAT prep plan, choosing the SAT prep book will be at the top of their to-do list. However, not everyone can choose the right exam preparation books right from the start. Therefore, you should determine that you need to be motivated to get good grades and be ready to study hard. Reading and practicing through all the test prep books will take dozens of hours simply because the SAT has so much information to cultivate. So, to get a high SAT score through SAT prep books, you also need to have an excellent study strategy. It is not enough just to read the book, you have to focus on your weakness by looking at the content that you have the most difficulty with and improve on it.

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SAT prep books recommended for beginners

To be able to perform to the best of your ability in all sections of the SAT, you need books that provide the basics or focus on each section, with practice tests and questions. Stick to the real SAT exam. You can refer to the following SAT prep books recommended for beginners to choose from:

  • Barron’s SAT Premium Study Guide: This SAT prep book has a step-by-step exam preparation guide that helps students gradually master each test content. The book is suitable for students who are familiar with how to learn to memorize concepts that are repeated in the form of many different types of exercises. The book also includes some full-length practice exams like the real exam.
  • Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy, 3rd Edition: Developed for students who learn by doing a lot, this test prep book equips students with plenty of practice tests and helps them learn from their mistakes. The book analyzes common question types on the SAT on more than 100 different topics and includes six lengthy practice tests.
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  • Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus 2021: With two in-book tests and three online practice tests, ‘SAT Prep Plus 2021’ features clear explanations of question areas, proper practice techniques, and effective strategies to use on exam day. The book also includes more than 1,400 practice questions.
  • The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide: This SAT study guide has eight practice tests, all of which are available in the actual book rather than online. The book is suitable for students who need more practice in the Math, Writing, and Evidence-based Reading sections. Students who plan to complete the SAT optional essay may also find appropriate guidance in this book.
  • The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT Premium: This book will provide an in-depth introduction to the SAT for students unfamiliar with the test’s structure. “The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT Premium” offers common strategies for approaching the various question types on the exam, along with eight practice tests. This book will be best suited for students taking the SAT for the first time.
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