– Not out of the expectations of high school students, you want to conquer a scholarship to college, SAT is one of your salvation. How to raise each SAT section score will suit you best?

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SAT certificate

SAT is a standardized competency test that is widely used for college admissions in the American education system. The SAT has two main exams:

  • SAT I (SAT General Test) is required when applying to some US universities.
  • SAT II (SAT Subject Test) is not required when applying to some universities, only used when applying to highly competitive schools when applying for admission or scholarships.

SAT I will not calculate penalty points on incorrect statements but SAT II will calculate points based on both correct and incorrect answers on the test. So you need how to raise each SAT section score to get the best score.

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How to raise each SAT section score?

  • Increase score through using calculators: Use math problems in mock tests then do a series of practice to find your own strategy. At the same time, you can buy a calculator, some functions of the calculator will help your calculations better.
  • Reasonable revision plan: You need to do many questions in parallel with the balance of work time, you can rest 5 minutes after part 1 and 1 minute after part 3 to reduce stress and regain the spirit of doing homework.
  • Correct mistakes from questions you made wrong: Review corrections from practice tests you took and re-learn the missing knowledge to reduce the chance of making the same mistake the next time.

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  • Consolidation of basic reading skills: Focus on learning grammar, easy and medium questions to gain specialized knowledge of basic to complex knowledge contained in the test.
  • Knowledge of math and grammar without gaps: A high-quality vocabulary in addition to learning vocabulary through flashcards, you need to strengthen academic vocabulary.
  • Reading skills: If you have had difficulty in the history and literature test, you need to practice this skill every day through the habits of reading magazines, books…
  • Test your homework skills and solve problems on a regular basis: Through a practice that you are not familiar with, learn more practice will help you score on the test.

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