– SAT test is organized to help students improve their knowledge and skills, and also help you to own a perfect portfolio thanks to the essay included in the test, which helps you make a good impression with the school that is about to enroll. Before starting to prepare, you need to know how to calculate SAT score to plan an appropriate preparation route.

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How to calculate SAT score?

SAT scores updated (2016 – present) on a scale of 1600:

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW): 200-800 points.
  • Math (Calculator and No Calculator): 200-800 points.
  • Optional essays will be evaluated individually and not included in the overall score. In which the parts are scored as follows:
    • Reading:  2-8 points.
    • Analysis: 2-8 points.
    • Writing: 2-8 points.

When you get a wrong answer, there will be no point deduction, so your raw score will be calculated by the total score of correct sentences. The raw score will be converted to a scale score, the scale score will help universities and colleges determine how well you are doing on the test and evaluate your ranking compared to other candidates. For example, your score is rated 80, which means you do 80% better than others.

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The way to score SAT

    • Reading and Writing – Math: College Board system will scan answer sheets to calculate raw scores. Answers are not deducted, so the raw score will be equal to the total score of the correct answers.
  • Essay section: Two examiners will read and mark your essays. The three skills of Reading, Analysis, and Writing will be assessed on a scale: Score 4 – Advanced; Score 3 – Proficient; Score 2 – Basic; Score 1 – Incomplete. Then the examiner will add 2 points together and give the final score.

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To appeal to the examiner’s attention, you should not skip doing the essay section, which is a test of reading comprehension, analyzing, using language and writing style to analyze a passage. In addition, once you have a firm grasp of how to calculate SAT score, you will determine the desired score for each test section, thereby planning an effective preparation route from the beginning.

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