– The SAT is a very important test for many years when students want to study at university in the US and Canada. To achieve the expected score on this test, students need to learn guides for SAT self-study effectively at home.

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Feature of the SAT test

This is a standardized test used by universities in the United States to assess an international student’s ability in the areas of English, Mathematics, thinking ability, judgment ability, ability to select information, … to see if the student is suitable and qualified to participate in a university education environment that using entirely in English and requires quite high academic autonomy like in the US.

Some SAT preparation materials

Before coming to the guides for  SAT self-study effectively at home, of course, it is indispensable for the support of SAT preparation books from basic to advanced. The principle is to study firmly, not mass-study, so you need to filter and select highly rated materials to study step by step until you master the SAT exam.

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  • The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide: This book contains the most up-to-date, detailed information as well as key practice questions for each section of the SAT. The highlight in the SAT Official Guide is the 8 full SAT exam questions according to the new standard to help candidates better understand the new test structure.
  • Barron’s SAT Premium Study Guide: This SAT prep book has a step-by-step exam preparation guide that helps students gradually master each test content. The book familiarizes students with how they learn to memorize concepts that are repeated over and over in the form of a variety of exercises. The book also includes a number of full-length practice exams like the real exam.
  • The New SAT 1500+ Practice Questions from The Tutorverse: This is a book that helps students practice their test-taking skills in the most proficient way after having a good understanding of the exam structure as well as mastering the necessary knowledge. The New SAT 1500+ Practice Questions offers a wide variety of grammar content, detailed essays, and the latest trending practice tests.

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Guides for SAT self-study effectively

  • Practice discipline: Studying at home is always easy to make you bored and unmotivated. Therefore, you must immediately make a detailed timetable for SAT preparation, it may be every day or 3 days per week and commit to do it so that knowledge is improved regularly and create good study habits.
  • Identify weaknesses and improve them: In the sections of the SAT, you need to consider where your weaknesses are and then focus on spending time improving that weakness. By looking at the types of questions on a particular test that you get wrong, you can determine which parts you need more practice on. Or if the knowledge on the SAT doesn’t make it difficult for you, but you have trouble with management and time allocation problems, you should consider practicing timing according to the real exam time.
  • Take time to correct the SAT practice test: If you just work hard to solve the problem to know the estimated score and then ignore it and continue to solve the other exam questions, the possibility of increasing the score is really not high. Along with finding weaknesses and improving them, you need to take the time to look up the answers and correct the mistakes you just made wrong on the mock test, from which you will draw experience for the next time. Knowledge is also updated in the most natural way.

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