– SAT is the famous standardized test and the common mistakes during SAT test are inevitable.

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Like many standardized exams, SAT Reading is not too difficult, but it is the great pressure in terms of time because the common factor is presenting information that appears but not the right information. The correct answer is often not mentioned directly in the text. Candidates who do not read carefully may be trapped by the limited time.

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Writing & Language

The common mistakes during SAT test here are the NO CHANGE answer. The questions will focus primarily on correcting English grammar mistakes and you will have to gain a large amount of grammar knowledge to fight for this.

Of course, you cannot memorize all the grammar forms to do well on the SAT, but the SAT is limited to focus on some common errors. The grammar questions that often appear include choosing vocabulary based on the meaning of sentences and paragraphs, using idiomatic nuances that match the context, using wrong modifiers, using punctuation…

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With this section, the SAT spreads knowledge on specific topics such as basic algebra, advanced algebra, data analysis, and mathematical forms related to geometry. For most Vietnamese students, the knowledge here is not too difficult. However, some of them do not understand the requirements and cannot complete the section on time.


The essay requires you to read through the paragraph, then analyze and clarify the arguments of the author, showing how the author uses words and evidence to convince the readers. The time is 50 minutes, the common mistakes during SAT test here are mainly that the candidates do not take the time to read carefully and understand how the author persuades the readers. You should spend about 15 minutes analyzing and planning the outline before writing in the right direction and getting a high score.

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