– Nowadays, there are countless numbers of SAT materials, so finding useful and relevant materials is also difficult for students. The following article shares Appropriate SAT materials choosing experiences.

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Determine SAT structure

If SAT I focuses on Reading, Writing, Verbal, and Math, SAT II is used to assess professional knowledge in a specific subject. Therefore, you need to define SAT structure you are aiming to limit the material you are looking for.

Take a mock test

This way helps you realize mistakes, skills that you need to improve. Then you will focus on the knowledge that you need to practice more. When looking for SAT materials, you will focus on related books or websites.

For example, when you do not get high marks in the Reading section, maybe because there are too many new words you don’t understand, you will look for books to increase your vocabulary or learn through applications, websites that support SAT vocabulary like SAT Vocab Master, MindSnacks, Vocab Test…

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Choose books and review materials that are highly appreciated

For any international examination, there are always people passing with flying color and people with tons of experience on SAT who tend to share their experience with other students on online forums, which you can freely join to accumulate knowledge as well as tips and tricks. Certainly, there will also be certain SAT exam books suggested by many of those who have already prepared for the exam to which you can refer.

In addition, you can also ask the teachers because they have a lot of teaching experience and referred to many materials, they will share with you appropriate SAT materials choosing experiences.

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Choosing materials with the latest practical exercises and test structure

During the self-study process, you will go through a variety of exercises. However, the big problem is that most of the questions in some SAT books are not the same as the ones in the test. They are all either too difficult or too simple, so it is difficult for students to know what kind of exercise will be on the test. Therefore, you should use official practice tests provided by College Board.

In addition, the materials with clear answers, specific explanations will help you understand the problems and gain a lot of appropriate SAT materials choosing experiences as well as accumulate learning methods.

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