– Used as a scale due to the qualifications and talents of students, SAT certificate is a formidable “gatekeeper” before the dream of studying in the US of many Vietnamese students. To help you conquer that dream, here are 5 simple tips to improve your SAT score.

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SAT exam structure

Before we talk about SAT improvement options, we need to have a general understanding of the SAT structure and the topics that will appear on the test. SAT is a paper test designed to measure high school students’ knowledge and skills. The test consists of 2 parts: Reading and Evidence-Based Writing (EBRW) and Math. The exam structure will look like this:

Section Sub-section Number of questions Time Score
Reading and Evidence-Based Writing Reading 52 65 200-800
Writing and Language 44 35
Math Math (without a calculator) 20 25 200-800
Math (with a calculator) 38 55
Essay (optional) 1 50 Between 2 and 8
Total 154 (155 with essay) 180 (230 with essay) 400-1600


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Understanding the SAT exam structure plays a very important role in creating a student’s SAT exam preparation plan. Students can see the direction to review, what part should they pay attention to, and how they should divide their time…

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5 simple tips to improve your SAT score

The difference between students with average SAT scores and students with high scores is their exam preparation. Here are 5 simple tips to improve your SAT score:

  1. Find reputable SAT resources: Some of the following are commonly recommended by the SAT exam preparation community and reputable sites: The Official SAT Study Guide Edition – The College Board; Barron’s SAT, 29th Edition with Bonus Online Tests – Barron’s; McGraw-Hill Education SAT – McGraw-Hill…
  2. Use the elimination method: In the event that you get stuck on a question, it is advisable to eliminate answers that you think are highly likely to be false to increase the chance that you will choose the correct answer. This is a specialized method used on the SAT because you do not have wrong answer points deducted, so choose one answer, this does not mean cheating.
  3. Skip the difficult questions: SAT questions are not sorted by increasing difficulty, so you should answer questions that you know in advance and ignore questions you do not understand. Don’t focus on solving one question as it will take you a lot of time. If you have doubts about a sentence, highlight that sentence, skip it, and continue on to the next sentence. Once you’ve answered all the questions you know, go back and look at the questions you dropped.
  4. Know the exam tips: When taking the SAT, be careful of the following:
  • Beware answers that include the word “always, never…” are often not the correct answers.
  • Be careful with the questions with the word “except”, many students skim and skip the idea of ​​this word (except = not true).
  1. Read the questions carefully, don’t jump to conclusions: Many of the questions on the SAT test require students to analyze questions carefully and thoroughly. If only at a glance, some wrong answers will look like the correct answers. Proposers often put the traps in the head to “seduce” students. Don’t be trapped!

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