– When preparing for the GRE exam, you need to know “what exactly is GRE?”, “What sections does GRE test prep consist of?”, “How the GRE is scored?”  to be able to form a logical and suitable study plan for yourself.

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An overview of what sections does GRE test prep consist of?

GRE is a test designed to measure applicants’ competency when applying for postgraduate programs in natural science and social science. In recent years, GRE can be used in parallel with the GMAT to apply for MBA and some other study programs. In order to achieve an impressive grade, students need to know the format and the structure of the GRE. 

GRE exam consists of 2 formats: GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test

  • GRE General Test focuses on assessing students’ critical and reasoning skills without concentrating on a specific field. Including 4 sections: Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing, and Unidentified (random and not graded)
  • GRE Subject Test mainly measures students’ understanding across specific fields such as Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, English Literature, and Psychology.

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The detailed structure of the GRE test

Section Number of Questions Questions format Time limit
Analytical Writing 02 parts • Analysis of an Issue 

• Analysis of an Argument

30 Minutes

30 Minutes

Verbal 20 questions

20 questions

• Text Completion 

• Sentence Equivalence 

• Reading Comprehension

30 Minutes 

30 Minutes

Quantitative 20 questions

20 questions

• Numeric Entry 

• Quantitative Comparison 

• Data Interpretation Sets

35 Minutes

35 Minutes

Break 10 Minutes
Unidentified 20 questions (not graded)
  • Random Questions
30 Minutes


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How is the GRE scored?

A crucial factor when researching and preparing for the GRE is the score in each section. 

The scores for the Verbal Section and the Quantitative section range from 130-170 points for each section and the average score for these two sections is between 150-152 points. The overall GRE test score, which is based on these two sections, has a maximum score of 340.

The Analytical Essay with being graded separately with a score ranging from 0 to 6 with an average score of 3.5. 

The Unidentified section will not be graded but will be randomly put throughout the paper. Students don’t know which questions are from this section and have to treat them as normal questions and try to complete the test as usual.

After having taken a grasp on what sections does GRE test prep consist of and how the GRE is scored, you can determine clearly your desired goal easier and at the same time know how to form a suitable study plan and spend time to practice past paper to get used to the real exam.

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