– Achieving high scores on GRE requires a lot of time and effort to study and practice, but what if you don’t have much time? Hopefully, the secret to improve GRE score in a short time below will help you.

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Determine your target score and study time

When you get your GRE test results (real test or mock test), you need to consider which part is the lowest score, the reason why you got a low score. From there, clearly define the scores that you want to improve. For example, when you do the mock test with 140 Verbal, 156 Quant, then you have a plan that after 2 months your GRE score will be 150 Verbal, 168 Quant.

The amount of time you spend practicing will depend on your ability and free time, but you should be specific about how long you will get your target score. This way forces you to focus on practicing carefully.

Make a review plan

You need to have a specific review plan that includes content and study time. In terms of content, you can review each section, focus a lot of time on the section that has trouble or do a full text but every day do a little for each section. About the study time, it is necessary to set a specific time frame and you have to follow seriously that plan.

Taking a lot of practice tests

This is one of the secrets to improve GRE scores in a short time. Because of the short practice time, you need to focus on solving tests and follow the time, as well as the format of real exams. It is very important to complete many GRE tests before taking the exam. You will not be surprised when you take the real exam.

Besides, you also accumulate a lot of experience and how to allocate time when doing the test. Therefore, try to do as many tests as possible because sometimes you will be able to see some of the questions you practiced when you take the real exam.

Ask for help from others

You can invite friends to study in groups to support each other or join clubs or test groups to share knowledge or problems you have questions about with other people who used to take the GRE exam.

You can also learn about exam preparation experiences of friends and acquaintances to learn effective learning methods, select the best learning tips, remember mistakes to avoid or problems that you may meet in the learning process, or in taking exams, then take appropriate solutions.

Take GRE intensive preparation course or studying with a tutor

The practice of self-study doesn’t bring you the expected results, you could consider the secret to improve GRE score in a short time. Teachers will evaluate your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses and have appropriate methods to help you develop your strengths and improve your weak skills. In addition, there are many teachers who have taken GRE who will understand the difficulties you will be going through, and share useful experiences for you.

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  • Instructing on how to learn GRE vocabulary step by step in a scientific way and easy to remember.
  • Instructing skills to solve quick quantitative exercises in Math section.
  • Instructing how to analyze and write your essay according to GRE structure.


  • High cost due to the characteristics of GRE certificates needs highly qualified tutors, knowledge of the test, and methods of test skills.

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