– In order to gain an impressive score on the GRE test without spending too much, students can refer to the best free GRE Subject prep resources.

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Gre Subject Exam

Most American universities require a GRE certificate as part of graduate program admissions applications. GRE can also be used to apply to MBA and some other graduate programs. Along with grades from your Bachelor degree, GRE scores are also used by many universities as an admission requirement.

There are two types of GRE tests: GRE General and GRE Subject. While GRE General tests students’ skills instead of focusing on a specific field, GRE Subject focuses mainly on measuring students’ understanding of a specific area. such as Chemistry, Biology, Math, Physics, Literature in English, and Psychology.

GRE Subject can help you stand out from other applicants and become beneficial upon applying for scholarships. However, the tuition fee for GRE Subject courses is quite expensive. Therefore, the best free GRE Subject prep resources below will help you prepare for the test both efficiently and economically.

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The best free GRE Subject prep resources

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is an American private non-profit educational testing and evaluation organization. The certificates TOEFL and TOEIC which are popular with Vietnamese students belong to this organization. In addition, ETS also administers the GRE exam so it is evident that this site has reputable GRE Subject resources for students to refer to.

This page provides prep materials for 4 subjects: Chemistry, Math, Physics and Psychology. Each set of materials contains a full-length test and detailed answer keys, plus test-taking strategies and information to help you understand how the test is scored.

Varsity Tutor

Varsity Tutor is a popular online source of exam preparation for not only GRE Subject but also other certifications such as SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT,… The platform provides diagnostic tests and practice tests of all GRE Subject’s subjects. In addition, when you visit the Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools page, you can access countless free GRE Subject prep resources including flashcards, Interactive Syllabus and Question of the Day. All of the above resources are designed to help you maximize your score.

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For those who register for the Math subject, is a familiar and reputable exam preparation website. This platform specializes only in the content of Math GRE subject with 8 different modules to address the specific sections that students face with most problems. From lessons such as Calculus, Algebra to Probability and Discrete Math, students can consolidate their knowledge all-roundedly. Although lecture videos require a fee, you can take practice tests completely free of charge, thereby familiarizing yourself with the exam structure and questions.

Mathematics Gre

The website’s name has shown that the content is specialized in GRE Subject Math. However, unlike SubjectMath, Mathematics Gre is not a site to provide prep materials or practice tests, but rather a forum where readers can discuss any issues related to this subject. From questions about exam content, course review to comparing graduate programs between US universities can be found here. All you need to do is create an account and log in to be able to post your questions or comment on articles. And since this is a forum, you are certain to find lots of effective test-taking tips.

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