– Essentially, GRE certificate does not require candidates to have super thinking and extremely smart, but the main purpose is to test candidates vocabulary and memory ability through each section. So in your opinion, is it difficult to get high score on GRE?

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The advantages of GRE

GRE (General Reasoning Examination) is a very popular exam for those who apply to universities or colleges in the US and Canada, especially suitable for studying STEM, Business, Education… Many programs require students to achieve GRE scores as required to complete the course or can be based on GRE scores to consider scholarships.

In addition, if you achieve a high GRE score, you will experience many benefits such as being able to apply for admission anywhere, tuition waivers, beautify resumes… But, is it difficult to get high score on GRE?

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Is it difficult to get high score on GRE?

In fact, whether GRE score is high or not will depend on each person’s needs and goals. For those who only take GRE as a condition to complete the program required by the school, it is only necessary to achieve an average or higher score than the specified score. But for those who need a high GRE score to pass the entrance exam to a dream university or get a scholarship, GRE score must actually be higher than the average for other candidates. So how does getting a high GRE to score no longer make it difficult?

  • Focus on the purpose of getting a high score: If the purpose of preparing for GRE is set, you should start studying exams directly through reputable materials, do not rush to read exam tips right away because it makes your time wasted that make you easily distracted and confused, then set a score goal and practice hard to get close to the desired goal.
  • Improve vocabulary for Verbal: GRE mainly tests language and candidate’s exam skills. Therefore, vocabulary is the most important point you need to spend a lot of time investing in and practicing with. GRE vocabulary requires quite a large number (about 5000 words) and demands “huge” memorization ability to be able to cultivate this number of words. The most effective way to learn GRE vocabulary is to always put words into context, memorizing each word can be effective in the short term but not of long-term benefits, you will easily forget and be discouraged. Context learning by reading books and rewriting new words seems much more effective.

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  • Practice a lot with Analytical Writing: This section requires candidates to be highly meticulous, so studying hard every day is extremely important and necessary to enhance thinking and exam presentation, especially for those who are not good at writing and have a limited amount of vocabulary.
  • Never stop practicing for Quantitative: This is a pretty easy section for most Vietnamese candidates because it is mainly a test of logic calculation ability and time pressure tolerance. This section only focuses on basic elementary school and high school, some difficult parts such as statistical probability, you should spend more time practicing. Therefore, GRE Math does not place heavy emphasis on knowledge but requires candidates to have quick thinking and the ability to remember Math formulas well.

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And last but not least, the most important thing to help you achieve GRE high score is your confidence and hard-working in practicing. We hope that the above sharing will help you out of worries about if it is hard to get GRE high score. – A place to share all the experiences of Test Prep exams (SSATSATACTGMATGRE…) for students preparing to study abroad. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via email or hotline for free advice.