– Many GRE candidates have questioned that “How much GRE score is required?”. Briefly, it depends on the requirements of each school. Why is that?

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GRE score

Before talking about high or low GRE score, we need to find out about the general scale of the GRE certificate.

Verbal 130 170
Quantitative 130 170
Tổng cộng 260 340


From the above scoreboard, we can see that the GRE score will range from 260 to 340 points, and that score is aggregated from the two sections: Verbal (130 – 170 points) and Quantitative (130 – 170 points). GRE score is also affected by Analytical Writing with a score ranging from 0 – 6 points.

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In addition, students must become familiar with a percentage point scale. The percentile rank will show how much higher your score was than the percentage of test-takers on the same exam. For example, if A is among the 25% rated people, it means that A has a 25% higher score than other candidates. Here are the percentile scores for the Verbal and Quantitative sections:

Score Verbal Percentile Score Quantitative Perceltile Score
130 <1 <1
135 3 2
140 12 8
145 27 20
150 48 38
155 69 59
160 86 76
165 96 89
170 99 97


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How much GRE score is required?

How much GRE score is required depends on the academic background, the school, and the field in which the candidate wants to enter. Not all schools attach great importance to both Verbal and Quantitative sections, some of them only focus on Quantitative score and vice versa. For example, Physics Science does not need a high Verbal score, but rather they value candidates with high Quantitative scores. Here is a list of the average scores for some subjects:




Humanities and Arts 156 150
Life Science 151 151
Physical Science 150 160
Social Science and Behavior 153 152
Other fields 151 150
Undetermined 148 154
Not provided (or not listed) 149 150


However, if we talk about ranking by level, the GRE score can be broken down like this:

Quantitative Verbal Analytical Writing
Highest score 165 – 170 163 – 170 5.0 – 6.0
Competitive score 159 – 164 158 – 162 4.5
Full score 153 – 158 152 – 158 4.0
Below average score Under 151 Under 152 Under 3.5


Hopefully, with the above diagram, you can answer the question of how much GRE score is required and choose your own score target to start practicing GRE.

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