– GRE certificates are used by universities as a measure of correctly assessing the competency of candidates. So how is the GRE self-study methods for beginners?

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GRE overview

There are 2 formats in the GRE test, which are:

  • GRE General Test: This is a test for students who want to study after graduation. It does not focus on any particular area but measures the set of quantitative and linguistic skills that are considered important to students.
  • GRE Subject Test: This is a test specialized in 6 different areas of study. It helps you stand out from other candidates by emphasizing the knowledge and skill level in a particular field. Those who choose this test often have identified majors in the future.

Exam structure is as below:

  • Analytical Writing: Assess the ability of candidates to use standard and specialized English to present their ideas and thoughts to complete the lesson.
  • Verbal: Evaluate the ability to analyze written documents, synthesize information, and analyze relationships between components of sentences, identify relationships between words and concepts.
  • Quantitative: Used to explain and analyze quantitative information, solve problems using mathematical models such as arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

If you are a “newbie”, starting to learn the GRE, the following GRE self-study methods for beginners will help you. 

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GRE self-study methods for beginners

  • Practice English

To conquer the GRE certificate, if you do not have English at a basic level, it is very difficult to keep up with the progress required. Set a goal to be proficient in English as now, do not let any reason for the language interfere with your acquisition of knowledge.

  • Should read only one GRE curriculum line

The amount of GRE knowledge is very large so if you are greedy to find many GRE documents accidentally found on the Internet, surely the “knowledge disorder” will happen. Therefore, should only follow an orthodox curriculum line, even when practicing or testing.

  • Learn from the first

Find a “tutor” for yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to find GRE instructors but instead, you should thank to someone with prior GRE test experience to guide you through. The person does not need a degree to teach GRE, but the person must have GRE test experience or be good at least one of the three test sections. You will feel motivated to receive enthusiastic guidance and feel that the practice becomes more practical than ever.

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  • Make a study plan

The most important thing is the efforts and perseverance of the original. GRE is a place just for hard work and effort people. So you have to put in a lot of effort to make yourself stand out from the eyes of the reviewers. Do not be discouraged when the amount of your early knowledge is too small compared to the reality of the GRE, consider it a challenge you face and you will overcome this challenge great the best.

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