– Tương tư như GMAT, GRE là một chứng chỉ quốc tế dành cho các sinh viên có nguyện vọng nhập học tại các trường kinh doanh trên toàn thế giới. Tuy nhiên, khi bước vào kỳ thi GRE, học sinh sẽ phải nắm rõ 200 từ vựng khó nhất trong bài thi GRE.

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Tại sao học sinh phải nắm rõ 200 từ vựng khó nhất trong bài thi GRE?

Bài thi GRE bao gồm hai phần thi: Quantitative và Verbal. Trong đó phần thi Verbal được coi là phần thi khó nhất trong bài thi GRE. Nguyên nhân chính khiến Verbal là phần khó nhất là do học sinh buộc phải nhớ rất nhiều từ vựng chuyên ngành, khiến cho việc tiếp thu và ghi nhớ bài học rất khó khăn.

Phần GRE Verbal sẽ chú trọng đánh giá và kiểm tra khả năng phân tích và đánh giá các tài liệu viết được cung cấp dưới dạng câu, đoạn văn và bài văn. Đó là lý do quan trọng khiến việc học từ vựng cho bài thi GRE Verbal như một công cụ hỗ trợ giúp học sinh có thể đối mặt trực tiếp với phần thi gây go này.

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200 từ vựng khó nhất trong bài thi GRE


STT Word Definition
1 abate v. to diminish in intensity

v. to cause to diminish in intensity

2 aberrant adj. diverging from the standard type
3 abjure v. to reject or renounce
4 abscond v. to leave secretly, evading detection
5 abstain v. to voluntarily refrain from doing something
6 acumen n. keen judgment and perception
7 admonish v. scold or to advise firmly
8 adulterate v. to contaminate or make impure by introducing inferior elements
9 advocate v. to recommend, support, or advise

n. one who advocates

10 aesthetic adj. concerned with the nature of beauty and art
11 affectation n. fake or artificial behavior, often meant to impress or conceal the truth
12 aggrandize v. enlarge or increase, esp. wealth, power, reputation
13 alacrity n. promptness and eagerness
14 alleviate v. to relieve a problem or ease a burden
15 amalgamate v. to combine to or mix together
16 ambiguous adj. unclear

adj. open to multiple interpretations

17 ambivalent adj. having mixed or contradictory feelings about someone or something
18 ameliorate v. to improve or mitigate a situation
19 amenable adj. easily convinced or persuaded
20 anachronism n. something old-fashioned

n. something appearing in a time period where it does not belong

21 analogous n. comparable

n. appropriate for analogy

22 anoint v. to choose for a particular office or position

v. to use oil on a person in a religious ceremony

23 anomaly n. an exception or unusual case
24 antipathy n. strong dislike or hatred
25 antithetical adj. contrary to the very nature of
26 apathy n. state of total disinterest or unenthusiasm
27 appease v. to placate

v. to satisfy (an appetite, a need)

28 arbitrary adj. seemingly chosen or designated without reason or purpose
29 arcane adj. secret or known only to a select group
30 archaic adj. old-fashioned

adj. no longer in the common usage

31 arduous adj. difficult, taxing, requiring considerable effort
32 articulate adj. exhibiting considerable communication skills, well-spoken
33 artless adj. without artifice

adj. natural, untrained

34 ascetic adj. austere or self-denying
35 assuage v. to provide relief from an unpleasant feeling

v. to satisfy a need or appetite

36 astonishment n. total surprise, shock
37 audacious adj. very bold or presumptuous
38 austere adj. severe, unadorned
39 avarice n. greed
40 aver v. to assert or allege
41 banal adj. boring, cliché
42 belie v. give a false impression (intentional or unintentional) in word, appearance, or deed
43 benign adj. gentle, harmless
44 biased adj. prejudiced, displaying partiality
45 bolster v. to shore up or support
46 bombastic adj. overblown, theatrical
47 brazen adj. bold or open to the point of shocking

adj. shameless

48 bucolic adj. pastoral, rustic, countryfied
49 burgeon v. flourish, bloom, expand or increase quickly
50 cacophony n. loud and chaotic noise
51 calumny n. lie or slander
52 candid adj. honest, open
53 canon n. accepted rules and tenets of a discipline

n. sacred works/scripture; in this sense it is also used to refer to notable literary and artistic works of a culture or discipline

54 capacity n. the capability to perform a particular action or fulfill a given function

n. the total amount a container can hold

n. a particular position or role (i.e. “she served in an advisory capacity”)

55 capricious adj. mercurial, unpredictable, whimsical
56 castigate v. to scold or berate strongly
57 catalyst n. something that speeds up a process or causes action
58 caustic adj. corrosive

adj. bitterly sarcastic

59 censure v. to express intense condemnation
60 chauvinist n. someone who believes prejudicially that their own group is the superior one
61 chicanery n. trickery or deception
62 chronological adj. ordered by time
63 coalesce v. to come together, esp. from disparate parts
64 cogent adj. clearly laid out and persuasive
65 commensurate adj. in accordance with, proportional
66 compelling adj. captivating

adj. very persuasive

67 comprehensive adj. complete and thorough
68 condone v. to approve or allow
69 confound v. to confuse or astonish
70 connoisseur n. an expert in a particular subject matter area, usually relating to the fine arts or cultural pursuits
71 consequential adj. as a result of

adj. significant or memorable

72 construe v. to interpret
73 consumption n. utilization (esp. of a resource)
74 contend v. assert or claim

v. grapple with

75 contentious adj. controversial

adj. involving conflict

76 contrite adj. remorseful
77 convoluted adj. roundabout, not straightforward
78 copious adj. plentiful or abundant
79 cosmopolitan adj. of or relating to a city or urban area

adj. sophisticated

80 covet v. to desire something that does not belong to you
81 craft n. cunning

n. skill

82 craven adj. cowardly to the point of being shameful
83 credence n. belief or trust
84 credulous adj. gullible, naïve
85 decorum n. appropriate behavior or good manners
86 deference n. respect or polite submission
87 deflect v. divert or cause to ricochet
88 deftness adj. skill, acumen

adj. manual dexterity

89 delineate v. to describe very accurately

v. to clearly demarcate a boundary

v. to render an outline

90 demur v. to object or raise concerns
91 denigrate v. say negative things about, particularly in a defamatory way
92 deride v. to mock or ridicule
93 derivative adj. imitates another work in a way that is unoriginal or uninspiring
94 desiccate v. to dry out completely

v. to suck out the vitality and passion

95 desultory adj. halfhearted

adj. inconsistent or random

96 detachment n. objectivity or aloofness
97 determinant n. a strong factor in an outcome
98 diatribe n. a rant or angry speech denouncing someone or something
99 didactic adj. educational or with an instructive purpose; often includes an element of moralizing
100 diffident adj. shy, timid, or reserved due to a lack of confidence
101 dilettante n. someone with an amateur, nonserious interest in something
102 dirge n. funeral or mourning lament

n. any sad, slow song

103 disabuse v. to dispel someone’s illusions or false impressions about something
104 discern v. to perceive
105 discrepancy n. inconsistency
106 disinterested adj. objective, unbiased

adj. not invested in the outcome

107 disparage v. to belittle
108 disparate adj. dissimilar to such a degree that comparison is not possible
109 dispassionate adj. impartial or cool
110 disregard v. to ignore or pay no attention to
111 dissemble v. to mislead or conceal the truth, esp. with respect to one’s motives
112 disseminate v. to spread widely (esp. information)
113 dissonance n. a clash between two elements that don’t blend well
114 diverge v. to split apart, esp. a road or path
115 dogma n. the official beliefs or tenets of particular sect or group
116 dupe v. to deceive or fool
117 ebullient adj. cheerful, enthusiastic, excited
118 eccentric adj. quirky or unusual
119 eclectic adj. composed of a variety of styles, themes, motifs, etc.
120 efficacy n. effectiveness
121 elegy n. sad poem or song, often in remembrance of someone deceased
122 elicit v. to provoke a response
123 eloquence adj. persuasive and articulate speech
124 eminent adj. well-known, respected, distinguished
125 empirical adj. based on evidence
126 emulate v. to imitate or attempt to equal in accomplishment
127 enervate v. to exhaust or drain of energy
128 engender v. to cause or give rise to
129 enhance v. intensify, increase, augment
130 entitlement n. belief that one deserves things one has not earned

n. the rights one is afforded under the law

131 ephemeral adj. short-lived or transient
132 equable adj. even-tempered

adj. not given to much change or variation

133 equivocate v. to use ambiguous language in order to mislead or deceive
134 erroneous adj. incorrect
135 erudite adj. learned
136 eschew v. avoid or abstain from
137 esoteric adj. obscure, arcane
138 estimable adj. deserving respect, esteem, and admiration
139 eulogy n. memorial speech for one who has passed, normally given at a funeral
140 exacerbate v. to make worse
141 exacting adj. challenging, demanding, grueling
142 exculpate v. to exonerate or vindicate
143 exigent adj. urgent or pressing
144 exonerate v. to clear of charges of wrongdoing
145 expatiate v. to elaborate on something in great detail
146 explicate v. to explain in detail
147 exposition n. a thorough explanation

n. a public show or fair

148 extraneous adj. irrelevant or superfluous
149 extrapolate v. to estimate or conjecture about the future based on presently available information or facts
150 facetious adj. glib or flippant
151 facilitate v. to make something easier or simpler
152 fallacious adj. relying on a fallacy and thus incorrect/misinformed
153 fastidious adj. meticulous

adj. invested in cleanliness

154 fluctuate v. to shift without apparent pattern
155 foment v. to foster unrest or discontent
156 forestall v. to hold off or try to prevent
157 fortuitous adj. fortunate and lucky
158 frugal adj. economical, thrifty
159 gainsay v. deny or oppose
160 galvanize v. to prod someone into action
161 garrulous adj. talkative
162 gauche adj. socially inept, inappropriate, or awkward
163 germane adj. relevant to the matter at hand
164 glib adj. talking volubly, but carelessly or insincerely
165 gregarious adj. sociable, genial
166 guile n. craftiness and cunning
167 hackneyed adj. cliché, trite, banal
168 harangue n. diatribe or rant
169 hedonism n. the pursuit of pleasure
170 hierarchical adj. arranged in rank order or hierarchy
171 homogenous adj. uniform, identical
172 hyperbole n. obvious exaggeration for effect
173 iconoclast n. a person who attacks traditional religious and cultural institutions
174 ideological adj. relating to a particular belief system or theory
175 imminent adj. about to happen
176 immutable adj. unchangeable
177 impair v. to hinder or weaken someone or something
178 impediment n. barrier, hindrance, or obstruction
179 imperturbable adj. remaining calm under any circumstance
180 implacable adj. unforgiving

adj. relentless

181 implicit adj. implied or insinuated without being directly stated
182 imprudence n. bad judgment
183 impudent adj. disrespectful
184 inadvertent adj. by accident or unintentional
185 Inchoate adj. rudimentary, in the beginning stages
186 inconclusive adj. indeterminate or unresolved
187 indebted adj. owing money

adj. owing gratitude to someone or something

188 indefatigable adj. cannot be made tired
189 indolent adj. lazy

adj. idle

190 infer v. to conclude from implicit evidence (as opposed to explicit facts)
191 ingenuous adj. naïve or innocent
192 inimical adj. harmful or hostile
193 Innocuous adj. harmless
194 inscrutable adj. enigmatic, incomprehensible
195 insipid adj. bland, uninspired, inane
196 insular adj. tight-knit and isolated; uninterested in matters outside one’s immediate sphere
197 intensive adj. concentrated and in-depth
198 intermediary n. a go-between
199 intimate adj. close (as in a relationship)

adj. particularly private

v. to imply

200 intractable adj. unmanageable

adj. stubborn or obstinate

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200 từ vựng khó nhất trong bài thi GRE này chỉ là một phần nhỏ trong các từ vựng mà học sinh phải ghi nhớ khi ôn luyện GRE.  Các bạn có thể tham khảo thêm tại trang web này để tìm hiểu thêm về những từ còn lại.

Các bạn hãy lưu ý rằng để thành thạo nhiều từ nhất có thể trước kỳ thi GRE, hãy tạo một lịch trình hàng ngày và đảm bảo xem lại các từ cũ trong khi bạn đang học những từ mới.

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