– When preparing for the GMAT exam, it is also very important to take practice tests to familiarize yourself with the test structure and assess current ability. Therefore, this article will share the top 5 free online GMAT practice test websites to assist your GMAT prep period.

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Top 5 free online GMAT practice test websites

  1. Kaplan

Kaplan is the first of top 5 free online GMAT practice test websites thanks to its realistic format practice tests and high quality review questions. The test is not only similar to the official GMAT but also comes with a video explaining the answers keys in detail.

You can access Kaplan practice tests by creating an account on the website and then choosing the test format you want. You can choose to take the practice tests online at any time, or register for the instructor-proctored test. Although the second format has more advantages, you will have to pay a fee because this requires an instructor.

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  1. Platinum GMAT

Upon hearing Platinum, people may think this is a site with paid services, but you will be surprised that the practice tests and questions here are completely free. Platinum GMAT Prep provides the best GMAT preparation materials available to help you master the GMAT and gain admission into your desired university. The site also offers hundreds of pages of GMAT content, including practice questions and the exam overview.

As for taking practice tests, you can choose to do individual questions or take a full practice test. The biggest advantage of this website is that you can save the history of unfinished exams or questions, and continue the next time you log in. In addition to practice tests, you can also find study guides for all the GMAT sections, along with helpful MBA information. For a free website, Platinum GMAT is a great place for those who want to conquer GMAT.

  1. GMAT Club

One of the largest GMAT learning communities worldwide. This is also where you can access and take practice tests. However, a drawback is the limited number of test sources. On the other hand, it possesses other extremely useful functions, the most notably of which is the GMAT Club forum. The forum is not only vibrant with constant activity but also divided into separate forums such as GMAT Quantitative Discussion, GMAT Verbal Discussion, All Business school discussion,… In addition, this page also reviews everything related to GMAT, rrom books, courses to effective learning apps.

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  1. 800 score

For those who are studying for GMAT, 800 is the maximum score, and 800 Score site is designed to help you achieve that number. Although not being too popular, the teaching staff from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale or Oxford always assure the high quality of 800 Scores. You can not only take practice tests but also learn from extremely in-depth videos about test-taking skills. In addition, you can also post questions on the forum to discuss with other members.


As the official website of GMAT, provides the latest information on the GMAT format, detailed information on the exam structure, and tips on how to prepare for each section of the test. Moreover, If you access the Exam Prep, you can find the GMAT Official Starter Kit with two free practice tests. This kit simulates an actual GMAT test with 90 questions: 30 Quantitative questions, 45 Verbal questions and 15 Integrated Reasoning questions. This is definitely one of the top 5 free online GMAT practice test websites for you to start your exam preparation process.

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