– There is no denying that the higher your GMAT score, the more chances you will have of applying for a high-value scholarship. But when you do not get the highest score, how much GMAT score is required for scholarship?

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GMAT certificate

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a language, Math, and analytical essay test for those wishing to study MBA program in the US and some other countries. Besides, GMAT is one of the mandatory requirements of Business schools, Master of Finance and Master of Accounting.

The cost of 2 years to study MBA is very expensive for many people, therefore they are interested in the scholarship from the school. To offer scholarships for students, in addition to the GMAT score there are other factors to school find the most outstanding person, but it cannot be denied that the GMAT score plays a very important role.

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How much GMAT score is required for scholarship?

Depending on the school, there will be different GMAT scores. If your GMAT score is 680 or higher, you are confident that you can apply for a full scholarship at some schools in the US and other countries, but their ratings are not high.

As for the top schools (top 20), you need a score of 720 or higher to be able to compete for merit-based scholarships. For mid-range schools (top 50), the score of 700 is a solid score to be competitive for GMAT scholarships at a mid-ranking school.

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So, how much GMAT score is required for scholarship of MBA program at the top business schools in the US? Here is the answer for you:

School GMAT 2020 GMAT 2019
The Wharton School 730 732
Harvard Business School 730 730
Stanford Graduate School of Business 733 734
Booth School of Business 730 730
Kellogg School of Management 727 730
MIT Sloan School of Management 720 727
Dartmouth Tuck 720 723
Columbia Business School 726 727
UC Berkeley 727 725
Yale School of Management 720 720

Achieving GMAT score to qualify for a scholarship is not easy, it requires a lot of time and effort to practice. So you should find out the requirements of the schools you want to submit, then plan to practice as soon as possible to get the best results.

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