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What is GMAT?

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test to assess the level and ability to absorb graduate students, a condition when applying to graduate programs majoring in business administration at universities of the United States.

Worldwide, there are more than 5,800 graduate programs that require GMAT certification for admission. The following 10 frequently asked questions about GMAT scores following will help you better understand that GMAT certificate.

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  1. What is the test structure and GMAT scale like?
Exam sections Form Time (minute) Score Rounding method
Analytical Writing Assessment 1 essay 30 0 – 6 0.5
Integrated Reasoning 12 question 30 1 – 8 1 point
Quantitative 31 question 62 0 – 60 1 point
Verbal 36 question 65 0 – 60 1 point
  1. How many types of GMAT scores?

There are two types of scores: Raw score and Scale score. The raw score will be calculated according to the number of sentences the student gets right and from there will be converted to a scaled score

  1. How is the score for the Writing section calculated?

The essay (Analytical Writing Assessment) is scored based on content, writing style, grammar by two people – an examiner and a computer called an “e-rater”. If the scores match, the test scores will be accepted. If there is a difference in test scores, the third grader, a judge, will read the essay to determine the score.

  1. How is the GMAT grading scale divided by level?

GMAT Point is analyzed based on:

TOP SCORES: you are in the top 10% of people with the highest test scores

Total score: 710-800

Quantitative: 51+

Verbal: 40+

Integrated Reasoning: 8

Analytical Writing Assessment: 6

COMPETITIVE SCORES : you are in a highly competitive area (25% of those with the highest test scores)

Tổng điểm: 650-700

Quantitative: 48-50

Verbal: 35-39

Integrated Reasoning 7

Analytical Writing Assessment: 5.5

GOOD ENOUGH SCORES: you are in the top 50% of people with the highest scores, but there is no advantage when applying to highly competitive programs

Tổng điểm: 550-640

Quantitative: 38-47

Verbal: 28-34

Integrated Reasoning: 5-6

Analytical Writing Assessment: 4.5-5

BELOW AVERAGE SCORES: you can get criteria to apply for a lot of university programs, but will be below average to compete with the rest of the candidates

Tổng điểm: dưới 550

Quantitative: 37 hoặc thấp hơn

Verbal: 27 hoặc thấp hơn

Integrated Reasoning: 4 hoặc thấp hơn

Analytical Writing Assessment: 4 hoặc thấp hơn

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  1. Does the GMAT test have points deducted for doing it wrong?

No points are deducted for wrong answers, but you need to do a lot of correct work because the more correct answers, the higher your GMAT score will be.

  1. What is the total score on the GMAT test?

Total score: 200-800. Based on only two parts Quantitative and Verbal, convert to percentage points, average percentage points to convert to official points.

  1. What is the highest GMAT score?

When you score TOP SCORES: This score means you are in the top 10% of people with the highest test scores.

  1. How long are GMAT scores valid for?

GMAT scores are valid for 5 years and the exam fee is $250.

  1. How long does it take to get GMAT scores?

After completing the Verbal, Quantitative parts, you will know the results immediately because these parts are done on the computer. Official GMAT scores will be sent to you within 20 days of the test date.

  1. How to send GMAT scores to schools?

  When registering for the exam, you register the code of the school you intend to apply for, the test registration center will directly send the test scores to you and the places where you have registered (maximum 5 schools), if you want to send more than 5 schools then you will need to pay an extra fee.

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