– Study abroad in America is a dream of every student, but choosing for yourself a nice school or a suitable test always be a difficult thing for students. ACT is one of these tests that can help the student to solve that problem, so which strategies for ACT exam preparation and high score taker need to apply?

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ACT certificate

ACT (American College Testing) as same as SAT is a popular international certificate for students to study abroad in America, this is not a normal test to check your knowledge it used to check your analytical skill and for these programs at university if you are ready.

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ACT test includes 4 parts with multiple-choice: Verbal, Math, Reading, and Science. Candidates will finish it in 2 hours and 55 minutes, moreover can choose Writing to add to the test or not and this test will be done in 40 minutes:

  • ACT Verbal includes 40 questions about analytical and 35 questions rhetorical in 45 minutes.
  • ACT Math includes 60 questions about these topics: Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Plane Geometry và Trigonometry in 45 minutes.
  • ACT Reading includes 40 questions about these topics: Social Studies, Natural Sciences, Literary Narrative hoặc Prose Fiction và Humanities in 35 minutes.
  • ACT Science includes 40 questions about this topic: Date Representation, Research Summary, Conflicting Viewpoint in 35 minutes.
  • ACT Writing, in this part student, will write an essay (student can choose or not), use your idea and reasoning to answer a problem in 40 minutes. Although this is not a required part, students have to do this part to have enough of conditions to apply to some universities that have high requirements.

Every part of the ACT test is counted from 1 to 36, the writing part will be counted from 0 to 12. If you choose to do this part, you will have 12 scores. On the ACT tests, students can retest and use the highest score. So which is the strategies for ACT exam preparation and high score taker need to apply?

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Strategies for ACT exam preparation and high score taker

As you know about ACT certificate includes 4 requirement parts are English, Math, Reading, and Science (Writing is optional), so to get a good result, students have to have a large knowledge of mathematic and language. There are some tips for the student to make it become easy to improve the score in below:

  • Reading books: This is not the time for you to relax, it is a time for you to find out a lot of vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Solving skills: Mathematic always be an important subject and always in every program or certificate so improve solving skills will help you to save time in the test.
  • Specialized terms: Every subject will have a different specialized term and it requires students have to learn to comprehend all the concepts.
  • Find a good place to study ACT: If you have a problem with self-study or you want to get more information than you knew, you can look for a prestigious center to receive their teaching and experiences from the teacher to get a good result and pass this difficult subject.

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