– You are a high school student preparing to take the ACT exam for college admission. Here are some effective ACT exam preparation materials to help you learn the best.

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How do you get the best results on the ACT without quitting in the middle? Some effective ACT exam preparation materials below will guide you on how to read and memorize effectively, strategies for conquering difficult questions, how to write an excellent essay…

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STT Textbooks Advantages Disadvantages
1 ACT Flashcards
  • Provides a large amount of vocabulary for the 5 sections.
  • The cards have test-taking tips and practical practice.
  • English cards mainly focus on punctuation, grammar and writing.
  • Math cards cover the math topics in the ACT.
  • Card reader helps strategy to maximize time.
  • Science cards summarize data.
  • Writing cards provide tips for creating a great essay.
2 ACT Premium Prep


  • 8 tests (4 in the book and 4 online) with detailed answers.
  • Tips and strategies to speed up.
  • Instant score reports for the tests.
3 1296 ACT Practice Questions (3rd edition)
  • A variety of practice and practice questions to help you practice all types of the ACT.
  • Explain each sentence in detail to improve personal skills.
  • It is harder than real test, helping you to practice ACT best.
  • Not much tips.
  • Recommended after reading Cracking the ACT and ACT Prep Black Book.
4 Barron’s ACT 36
  • Full range of English, Writing, Math, Science and Reading.
  • A lot of difficult questions, even more difficult than real exam questions.
  • This is really not the best choice for students starting to practice ACT test.
  • The subject is difficult, quickly discouraged if not determined, it will be easy to quit in the middle.
5 The Real ACT Prep Guide 
  • 5 full-test exams that explain the answer strategy for each question.
  • The book is written by the ACT test administrators themselves.
  • Details for learners of the question types in the exam.
6 ACT Prep Black Book
    • 6 Practice Test, Content Review  and Strategy.
    • Help you assess your energy to avoid traps, beat the ACT.
  • Tips for logical guessing.
7 ACT Prep Plus 2021
    • 5 practice tests with answers.
    • Grading and analysis for an official ACT test.
    • Practice questions at the beginning of each lesson to help you with an overview.
  • Quickly identify its focus and self-assessment practice questions.
8 The Official ACT Prep Guide 2020 – 2021


  • 5 real ACT tests.
  • Provide detailed explanations for all answers and practical tips on how to improve score.
  • Questions are sorted, filtered and tracked to check your results.

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Above are some effective ACT exam preparation materials that you need to refer to conquer the desired score in the actual exam.

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