– ACT study materials play a very important role in exam preparation, so test-takers should choose the right books for their needs carefully. In the following article, will help you answer: “Should I choose Kaplan or The Princeton Review for the ACT test ?

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The comparison table of “Should I choose Kaplan or The Princeton Review for the ACT test?


Pros Cons
The Princeton Review Like Barron’s ACT, Princeton Review’s Cracking the ACT is a comprehensive, traditional prep book that provides a complete review of the content, strategies, and practice questions. It spends a lot of time on math and science topics, while the reading and English sections of the book are less covered.

This book outlines the important grammar rules and math concepts you need to know and suggests idea-building steps to apply when taking the test. This is a guide to test-takers on how to best use the elimination process, how to order the answers to the questions to save time and how to not get confused when faced with difficult questions.

Each section has exercises and example questions. This book also offers eight full practice tests, four in-book and four online. Because practice tests are such an important part of the ACT preparation process, Princeton Review’s Cracking the ACT seems like a near-perfect choice for those looking to strengthen their test scores.

This is a book that contains general and comprehensive knowledge, so it can sometimes make you overwhelmed and difficult to access. As this is a traditional exam preparation book, some test-takers may find its style dry and hard to engage.

Since the practice questions are not very close to the real question, they do not meet the needs of many test-takers. The content of the Princeton Review material can be too easy and inappropriate if you’re looking to raise your score in the percentages section to the top.

Kaplan Although the Kaplan ACT Prep Plus book covers a lot more information than The Princeton Review, all the information it covers has a chance of appearing on the exam, and the sections most likely to appear on the exam will be starred as what you need to focus on. The visuals in the book help you better understand the complex concept explanations, and the number and structure of the practice questions ensure that you will be ready for the upcoming exam.

Instead of buying individual books with a lot of different content and few links, Kaplan can be the perfect choice for those of you who need a book that covers everything on the ACT.

Kaplan has more pages, which means more information, so will cost more than The Princeton Review’s books.

If you want in-depth topics on Psychology or Science, this is probably not the right book because it does not include much in-depth analysis on these topics.


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Many of you will be very bored with studying for the ACT because sitting down and practicing the skills needed for these parts: English, Reading, Math and Science requires a lot of self-discipline. But think about why you want to get a good ACT score so you don’t waste your time. If you fully devote your precious time to ACT preparation, you will see the results you desire.

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Hopefully, the comparison of the question: “Should I choose Kaplan or The Princeton Review for the ACT test?” above will help you have an overview and consider more options in the process of finding the right ACT preparation material.

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