– If you are preparing everything to apply to college in the US and choose to take the ACT instead of the SAT, then in that preparation process, the answer for the question “How to register for the ACT test?” is indispensable.

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How to register for the ACT test

In Vietnam, the ACT test is almost completely registered online on the official website of American College Testing is, where you must create a new MyACT account to log in and register for the test. In addition, after creating an account and logging in, you need to pay attention to select the country as ACT NON US so that the website can display the correct location and exam schedule for you.

During the account registration process, you will have to fill in authentication information such as: full name on ID card, date of birth, contact phone number, official email to receive information. In more detail, you have to choose the high school where you are studying in Vietnam, on the ACT website there will be a series of international high schools, grammar schools and key schools in Vietnam for you to choose from. If you are attending a small school and can’t find your school’s name or are studying at home, you can select: “I did not find my school” or “I am being home schooled”. In addition, you can also provide some other information such as: education level and educational goals, GPA at high school level, … but not required.

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Detailed steps to register for the ACT

Once you’ve signed up for a MyACT account, you’ll start taking the following steps to complete the registration process:

  • Step 1: On the homepage of MyACT ( you will click on “Register for the ACT”
  • Step 2: When the screen shows the things you need to prepare to register for the ACT including: credit card, high school score, photo, continue to click on “Begin registering”
  • Step 3: Screen will appear to choose where you will participate the ACT test, please select “Outside the US”
  • Step 4: Continue to choose whether you are a candidate with a disability and need support. If yes, select “Yes, accommodations needed”, otherwise please select “No”
  • Step 5: Next is the option for the writing section, if you want to register for the writing section, select “Include Writing”, otherwise choose “No Writing”
  • Step 6: This is the part where you choose the exact country you take the test. In the Country/Region section select Vietnam, then in the City section you can select 1 of 2 cities that hold the ACT test in Vietnam, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, then click “Go”


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  • Step 7: The screen will appear the test center that organizes the ACT test, click on that test center and continue to choose the test date you want.
  • Step 8: Click “Add to cart” and proceed to check the registered content is correct and then click “Proceed to checkout”
  • Step 9: Next is the Extras section, the website wants to ask you if you need to choose more online ACT preparation courses or online documents, if you don’t need it, continue to click “Save & Continue”
  • Step 10: This is the most important step “Account Information”, you have to choose full information such as: registration role, gender, race, first language, whether to attend English classes at school or not. , the type of high school you attend (i.e. public or private school or international school), the number of students in your class, what grade you are in, the high school program you are attending, the rank of your high school and last as your GPA.
  • Step 11: Next is the “College choices” section, you will be sent scores to up to 6 colleges, of which the first 4 schools will not be charged for sending scores.
  • Step 12: If you want the parent or guardian to also receive information from the ACT, in the “Preferences” section you can fill in the name and email of the parent or guardian.
  • Step 13: This is the final step to complete the registration, “Payment”, you scroll and skim the “Terms and Conditions” section, then click on the “Agree” box, then fill in your credit card information and proceed to payment. After making a payment, you have successfully registered for the ACT test.

Above is how to register for the ACT test. We have updated and detailed instructions, wish you success in the ACT exam and be able to enter your desired university.

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